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Watch this funny video. Can you describe each blooper in English?

Note: a blooper is an accident or mistake that is caught on film.

Language Challenge

Describe one of the funny clips in our comment section. Here are some words to help.
  • knocked down
  • spinning
  • knocked over
  • distracted
  • dizzy
  • exercising
  • stair climber
  • sprayed
  • balanced
  • clapped
  • walked into
  • bored
  • poured
  • pushed over
  • escape
  • playpen
  • bonked
  • pom pom
  • folded
  • simultaneously
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  • Dear Tara

    Enjoyed watching it , I hopw to share it with my students. It is very humourous and would be enjoyable  for the learner alike



  • first bloooper

    The little lass, tries her hand to jump to the sands , with some help. She tries to do it on her own

     loses her balance, and gets knocked down together with the the little lad.

  • In the 3rd blooper, a girl child took something outside but she paid attention at something else ... and ... as a result, she knocked down.

    In the 4th blooper, a boy child exercised his walking on the street, someone - maybe, his father - put something into his mouth. This made him .. dizzy and ...

    In the 6th blooper, a child liked a stair climber.

    In the 7th blooper, a child came to a tap ... nearer and nearer ... Suddenly, this tap sprayed out over her.

    In the 8th blooper, a man was carrying a baby in his arms while the baby was clapping.
  • Hi Tara,

    Thanks for giving me the 1st writing challenge !

    Well ... these bloopers make me laught a lot, they're so funny and interesting with lovely kids.

    The 1st blooper, 2 kids played together. A girl child stood in higher position, then she jumped down .... A boy child stood in lower position, spread his arms to support the girl. But it seems unfortunate coz the girl flied down and ... knocked him down lol.

    The 2nd blooper, a girl child was spinning an circle object ... spinning and spinning ... then the object was separate from *something she sat on*. This made her knock over.

    ...i cant get "knock over" :( ... it's different from "knock down" ?
  • I almost feel bad watching some of those thinking of being in the shoes of the baby. Ouch that hurt! Very funny though. It is amazing what will get people to reply and write sometimes while what you thought would bring out the most interest fizzles.

    Just like the classroom, so we remain flexible and ready for Plan-B.
  • HI Tara,

    What's up?? i am really so pleased to be in your blog,and i wish i could understand how it works as soon as possible, and i wish i could speak with you.
  • Thanks for describing the blooper! Great writing! I had hope other members will give it a try to!

    Grammar tip: "She doesn't pay attention...."

    I hope you'll come and join our monthly writing challenges!
  • these blooper are so exciting. Kids make me feel funny so much. there is a kid with red hat, swing her head continuously. She don't pay attention to the pompom on her hat. eventually, her face is smashed by the pompom.
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