Two friends and a window.

There were two patients in the same room at a hospital.Both have an incurable disease.One was allowed to sit in his bed for one hour per day afternoon.Fortunately for him, the only window in the room was next to his bed.And the other patient must remains recumbent on his back all the time.Patients were spending their time to speak, without seeing each other.Because both of them was recumbent on his back looking at the ceiling.They talked about their families, and their homes, and their lifes, and everything.In the afternoon every day, he was sitting in his bed, as ordered by the doctor.He look from the window and describe the outside world to his friend.His friend was waiting this hour as he was waiting for it,because it makes his life vibrant when he listening to the description of his friendabout life outside the hospital :"In the garden, there was a big lake where the ducks swims.The children made boats of different materials.. and playing in the water.And there is a man gives small boats for rent to people for sailing in the lake.Couples holding hands, and the all promenading on the beach.There are others sat in the shade of trees or beside flowers with attractive colors.The sky view was great and pleased the viewers.."While he describe to his friend..his friend listen shocked to this accurate and wonderful description, and thenshut his eyes and begin to imagine this wonderful view of life outside the hospital.The days and weeks passed, and both of them were happy with this friendship.And one day, a nurse came in the morning to serve them as usual,she found the patient that beside the window died during the night.His friend didn't know about his death, only through the nurse talk on phone to bringhelp to take him out from the room..His friend became very sad on him.The sadness filled his heart..A few days later, he requested from the nurse to transfer his bed next to the window.She accepted and changed his bed place. And then, when the time has come to the afternoon hour, he remembered the interesting talk from his friend, and missed him.So, he decided to try sitting and compensate what he missed out on.He afforded the pain and slowly lifted his head with his arms help,then reclined on one of his elbows, and slowly turned his face to the window to see the outside world.. And here was the surprise!!He saw only a wall from the window, a deaf wall of the hospital walls.Because this window was on the inner courtyard.He called the nurse and asked her if this window was the window that his friend looking from!!She replied, "yes, it is it. There is no other window in this room."And she asked him about the reason of his wondering?He told her about what his friend was seen and what he described for him.The nurse was more shocked, she said: but your dead friend was blind.He also couldn't see the deaf wall.Perhaps he wanted to make your life happy,so as not to you feel despair, and wishing death.
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  • hi
  • you have right Ma.d.
    The optimism is very important in our life.
    thanks for comment.
  • Thanks a lot Joro from your nice story.we must promise to ourself that always see positive ,think positive ,talk positive and life positive to be the beast human in the world.
  • Thank you Askar, Nice comment.
    This story and especialy this great friend surprised me and touched me so much when I has read it.. this is why I wanted to share it here.
  • Thank you Tarik for your kind comment with those pretty cards -_~
    thanks for your wishes to me, I hope to you the more..
  • Assalamu Allikum..............

    writer of story has done his work well , hiding his mysterious skill in first part of story
    with conventional way of writting & making breakthrough in the second part by unexpected ending. .......He can entice many hearts.........,but who has red his second story, I expect how well he might used his it success/Failure.............

    Its all endowment of god
  • far, if you shed tears of this story, of course you'll be this kind of friends.
    Have a nice life full of kind friends.
  • Thank you Meissa for ur nice comment. You're right, we need this positive friend.
    This kind of friends is the picture of the true friendship, I hope you get such friend and hope that you be such friend.
  • have read this story before but yet , it never fails to bring tears in my eyes again! Love this story..i wish to be this kind of friend , who left a very deep impact on others.
  • There are always, good people and bad people in this world.
    And I hope you meets just with good people.
    Thank u Taki-Eddine.
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