The Moments After "My first post"



To be honest, I should write my native language "the answer post (this)", but the past post (my first post) was writng as English, so I go on writing as English.


Yes, I did not write about after the monent of "my first post". Surprisingly, a lot of time passed since I posted it on Most people(?) are always waiting the answer post, so I will write and currently my status too. 


At first, after the final test, I always thought about my relationship. Actually, it was my first experience that think about love with someone, so I really did not know how to do it. I was confindent that not only made out his thoughts and also my thought too. At the same time, I also did not assured that I could be happy with him during the long-distance relationship. I already said in the past post that I knew our relationship will busy without him because of my study abroad. Yes, he did not. I guess he think the neiborhood (me) will live next year at that moment. Looking back, it was not fair. I knew what will happen in the future but he did not at that moment. But... I could not say to him.


In Mid-March 2020, I left from the dorm without last greeting to him. Finally, I could not say "Hi" to him during my life in dorm. I did not have no confident. I moved to a temporary apartment in the same city because I had some tasks left. I needed to finish all tasks before study abroading. I spent time in 2 weeks and thought good idea for him. A few days later, I decided to write a letter to him.


It was for the first time in a while, so I spent long long long time to write a letter. I do not send a message on LINE or social medias so much, so It was not used to it for me. At the same time, I also need to prepare a dress for attend a small graduation party. Ocationally, I thought the best letter while chose a dress. The day before the graduation party day, I completely finish to write a letter. 


At this day in midnight, I went to the dorm for delivering my letter to him.  I put his post though  I did not have no confident to deliver him directly.


That day was the final day that I went to the dorm. I felt very sad and want to go back, but steel my heart for my future. 

Honestly, I did not remember what I wrote on the letter. One thing that I could remember is wrote my email address and full name on the last.


A few days later, I came back my hometown. I was a relief that could came back safely before the prime minister in Japan anncounces the state of emergency. I checked email when I found a message from someone. It was from him. I surprised. I responsed quickly and we shared LINE account. Now we are friends... but I have been in much contact each other, but if one of both get or face the problem, we can send something and contact each other. Maybe, I guess it was the best it could be.


Now, I am in America. I am a student in college and studying computer science. My currently status is busy because I need to prepare to the next ACT test and Duolingo English test for trasnsferring.


Someday, I hope we are see somewhere again directly. Someday.


**This post had published in February 23th 2021 on


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