Mobile Phone Rings ! , Alpha picks up the call , on the other side of the phone there is Marcus , He explains the situation completely to Alpha regarding the White magic experts , Alpha Acknowledges the situation and starts preparations to leave for Timmy's house , Marcus gets back to check how the experts were doing in Timmy's room , both the experts were sitting still in a state of meditation as though they were assessing the environment , Marcus was watching the experts meditation when suddenly the door bell rang , Marcus went to check through the camera and saw another hooded man standing outside the house , thinking that there might be a third member of the experts Marcus opened the door and the hooded man came through the door quickly inside , Marcus could see his face a bit under the hood , his left eye was blue and right eye was green which seemed quite a unique phenomena in itself , Marcus avoided any question and lead the third member straight into Timmy's room.

Third expert member : Hello Marcus , i think its time to break some silence. 

Marcus : its very nice to hear something from one of you after long hours of silence. 

Third expert member : '' Smiles '' well u know somethings are necessary and are hard to explain sometimes. 

Marcus : yes i understand and u know that how stressful the situation is and i have a lot of questions right now.

Third expert member : I completely understand your situation , for introduction , my name is Striker , and these two are my friends , we are the White magicians though nobody believes this but we are who we are , We have been chasing after this strange sinister energy and we have encountered it many times and now that u mentioned the incident of your brother , this assures us that this energy is responsible for that.

Marcus : But Where did my brother Timmy go ?

Striker : Probably in another dimension , we can't see it unless we unleash the barrier and then pass through it and for additional info , those things living in that dimension , they can see us !

Marcus sees Striker's face with a frightening look. 

Striker : ''Smiles'' I would suggest you to hold onto your nerves because this may get a little rough , the step we are about to take , this may cause a little havoc , don't underestimate them and their powers.

Door bell rings again, Suzanne and Alpha are at the door , Marcus Leads them to Timmy's room , Timmy's wife also enters the room , Marcus introduces everyone of them to Striker and his friends , After a while Striker walks in the middle of the room and closes his eyes and after a while opens them.

Striker : there is no question about it , it is surely them .

Striker turns around stares at everyone intensely.

Striker : this is going to get real rough , prepare yourselves because this is it , we are going to get face to face with them !!! 


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