Jonathan comes running down the path to where everyone was standing , Marcus , Suzanne and Alpha looked at Jonathan as the look of Shock appear on their faces , Jonathan glances at them and mix emotions of happiness and sadness can be seen on his face , the three of them broke down into tears.

Marcus: We are so so Sorry Jonathan , we are so sorry , we did hurt your feelings , i hate my self for this.

Alpha: Every word i uttered from my mouth in your disrespect , i deserved to be punished for that.

Suzzanne: I miss you Jonathan , i miss you a lot brother , i m so sorry , i want to tell you that little Ben is fine and so is Stacy , she misses you a lot , i call her everyday and she always remembers you.

Jonathan : I miss you all so much , and i love you all , and indeed i forgive you all , where is Timmy , i dont see him here , where is Timmy ?

Suzzanne: A lot has happened since u were gone and its a long story but Timmy is trapped here and we are finding a way to rescue him. 

Marcus: We need your help Jonathan , rescue us from here , you must know a way , please .

MAXIS : did someone say forgiveness ? 

Jonathan looked ahead in the shadow , a large figure standing , A look of astonishment on Jonathan's face appeared and he didn't have any words to utter but to stand still for a while , after the persistence of silence , the silence broke !

Jonathan: Maxis ? What is going on here , you are my brother , i have feelings of shock and happiness , you are all at one place but what's happening , why is Timmy trapped and why did the voice told me that everyone is in danger here ?

MAXIS : Let me Explain , The answer is simple , the balance , maintaining the balance of arrogance means the balance of the worlds are maintained and the possible cause is you for the growth of arrogance of your young siblings because you didn't stop them when they were wrong with you which allowed their ignorance to grow , i m not your sibling but i m the Rebellion King , it is my Realm and i maintain the balance of arrogance when it comes to Humans , if the balance shall no longer exist than the Devil shall cause enmity and shall strengthen , it is we all who combine our might to maintain the balance of the seven worlds , My realm , The realm where you came from , The Realm of the Kingdom , The Realm of the Devil , the Realm of the Angels , The Realm of the Humans and The unknown vast Realm , Thus the problem Lies when one doesn't acknowledge their duty and as Humans spread ignorance and arrogance which forces us to intervene and establish discipline , your continuous forgiveness has caused Problems Jonathan , if you could have been sensible since the beginning in controlling ur Siblings , The situation wouldn't have worsen , but i must say that you are a Good Soul but your lack of concentration on this matter has caused a lot of Problems.

Jonathan: So that is why Timmy is trapped , due to his ignorance ? ok i admit that i did a big mistake and i should have disciplined them all but what right does that give you to trap him and torture his Soul !.

MAXIS : It is amazing how you have forgotten those hard times when Timmy used to show you his arrogance and rough behaviour at a time when u needed him the most , that is your mistake , you still are the same even everything that they did , that is a pity indeed !

Jonathan:Because they are my siblings , i understand what you said and i find it true but i want my little brother back Maxis.

MAXIS: Pretty interesting , here you go , as the dungeon opens , you can enter and rescue your baby brother.

Jonathan:You were my brother as well , have you forgotten ?

MAXIS: HAHAAHAH , that was nothing but an illusion , i am the Rebellion King and I have no interest in any relation with you Humans , Sycan will escort you towards the worm hole after you rescue Timmy , Farewell.

Sycan smiles at Stryker and whispers '' In case you are wondering , that was only a tiny glimpse of my power which u just witnessed '' , Stryker glares at him and then him and his team mates start to walk with the group to the dungeon , Suddenly Timmy comes out running , all shattered , his soul in Pain , he starts crying after seeing Jonathan.

Timmy: i am so sorry brother , i have been so arrogant , please forgive me for what i have done , please.

Jonathan becomes emotional and Hugs him.

Jonathan: I forgive you Timmy , its time now that you people go home.

As Sycan escorts them to the worm hole , everyone says their last emotional Good bye to Jonathan and then they returned back to the Human Realm , its been now years and life continues but this unforgettable event will always remain in everyone's Mind.

----------------------- THE END -------------------------


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