Thank you!

"Hello everyone!"

Does this phrase look useful for you? You can answer to this question in the comments, but I want to say that for me, it does. Well, not exactly this phrase, but it's variations. You can easily start any conversation with it. And for the last 365 days I used this phrase a lot!

I joined this site one year ago (actually one year and one month ago) and since that time I have faced either happy and sad moments. Oh my, there were so many, that I can't even recall all of them.

I know, time flies very fast, but right now, when I look one year back, I ask myself, "Has this all happened in just one year??? Is it possible?" because I feel like I have been here for the years! How weird it would not sound, but I feel like if I have posted my first blog here at least 5 years ago.

This place (MyEnglishClub) has become my second home! :) But only because of all the good people, that I have met here!

Now I would like to thank everyone, who somehow helped me on my way of learning English! And not only for that. I am so grateful to everyone who has been: teaching me, correcting me, chatting with me, talking with me, listening to me, teasing me, laughing with me, crying with me, sharing the secrets with me and simply spending the precious time with me. I would like to write the nicknames of all of YOU, my dear friends, but I am sorry. I am simply afraid to forget to mention somebody.

To sum it up, I have improved my English enough to be able to notice it! One year ago I was not even able to chat in English language without using Google Translator. Nowadays I can talk with the native English speakers almost freely. I met one British man at the city center last week. And we spent a lot of hours talking with him in a way, like if English was my native language!

When I decided to join MyEC, I wanted to learn English, but I learned MUCH MORE! I learned a lot about life! And I found many friends!

There is still an eternal amount of things to learn. But I know, we will do it together with YOU!

Thank you dear friends! (Crying) I can't express how much I love you! 


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  • Thank you, dear Marshaa! :)

  • great dear Roman..

  • Hi Bet!

    Well, I expressed my thoughts about 70-80%. I am not sure if I can express my feelings for 100% even in my native language. I have already decided to read some novels in English language to enrich my vocabulary and the ways of expressing my thoughts.

    Thank you! :)

  • is really great the way you expressed your mind! I also keep telling and wondering and  I do envy you for your fastest progress in terms of learning English! My congratulations!

  • Hi Inchi!

    Thank you! :D

    So, my speech has impressed you? 

    Am I worth of that golden statuette?

  • Nice speech, Roman. I felt as if i see Oscar award ceremony, you even cried in the end like superstar, applauses ... 

  • Ohhh, it is so nice of you, Rosemary! :)

    I am flattered by your words!

    Thank you once more! :)

  •   U are one of the best members  here   , actually  I thought  u were one of the old ones  while u say it is  ur first year here  , it's my 3rd  by the way  . Roman I wish  if all people who  sign in do the same as u and few others  , because  this is the best way to learn any language  is to communicate  with it :)  u are always  welcome Roman  

  • Hi Rosemary! :)

    Not always :D

    And to be honest I am not willing to be the first one to comment anywhere.

    Thank you! :)

  • Thank you, Onee!

    Thank you very much! :)

    Have a super beautiful weekend!

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