small speaking groups

small speaking groups

If you are interested on flexible but constant FREE practice (mostly for beginners A2-B1, small groups) msg me and/or propose schedule here or skype: Poslek.
This is free fluency practice with learners only (a speaking buddies), sometimes free mentor or teacher (language parent). Im here if is something to explain.

Here are notes about free practice for basic speaking fluency.
1. only one main topic: how to learn effectively
2. learning buddy (help each other) like language parent
3. constantly brings interesting and effective tools/models
4. first suggested model: JAM (just a minute)

I am available all days (and weekends) 10-21 GMT (with the previous agreement).
We are always training in small groups (2-4 members).
Short and simple sentences (with review).

Useful links: (extempore) (parent) (JAM)


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  • My best wishes for these endeavours!

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