Breathing is an essential process to keep all the living creatures alive but the air we all are comsume, Is it clean to breath? In recent studies, the researchers speculated that the level of air pollutants in Indian cities including the national capital New Delhi are on the rise. Which also has been observed by the researchers through observational instruments on satellites which scan the golbal skies that to emphasize and monitor the air quality of the globe.

The cities like Delhi is the fast growing megacity and Kanpur had been ranked the most air polluted city by the WHO in 2018, are the highest growing polluted cities, where the level of particle (PH 2.5) and nitrogen dioxide ( NO2) are risen tremendously in past few years. Every year almost 4 million people are dying and many are coming in the arrest of many respiratory diseases. The life of all spices including the human aren't safe in this hazardous environment.

Government needs to look into the matter and take the necessary steps to reduce the PH level in all cities to keep the life of all spices safe. Awareness to keep the environment clean, must be given preference among all human bodies.

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  • I think, more awareness is  needed among educated people. In villages though people are not that literate, but they always keep their surrounding clean and grow more trees. People in rural areas even worship trees, behae with them as their family members and  keep them alive.

  • When I visited Noida last time, I was surprised seeing the polution which could be seen from open eyes.

    No one care of these problems...humans are busy...govs are busy....but nature knows about self safety and doing its task.

  •  Yes, what yousaid correct we have to spread awareness on this issue especially in India all the cities.

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