My father sent me to the market to buy him some bread and eggs. I borrowed a taxi. When I got to the market, I forgot about something. Then I wanted to inform my father but I couldn't because I left something home.

What did I forget home??


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  • I think he forgot his WALLET with money in it.
    He borrowed a taxi, thus he didn't need money.

    He cannot buy bread and eggs without money.
    If he wants to inform his father, he needs money to pay for the phone call. 
    But the money is his wallet which is at home.

  • "What did I forget home??"

    Question: How one "borrows a taxi" and "forgets home"?

  • Lol..... Mary!

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  • Your common sense.  Who on Earth takes a taxi for going to the grocery? ¬¬


    • Lol, MARY, a sharp tongue as always...but...you hit the nail on its head. 

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      She's pulling your leg... I think. :P 

      Then again she may be as serious as a heart attack.

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