Power or Money

The lady took her niece's hand and ushered her to sit next to her. She was in her late fifties. Her hair was gray and there were some wrinkles under her eyelids,  despite all that, she looked firm and commanding. She was rich, famous and powerful. Her husband died ten years ago leaving her no kids but a great fortune. She has been managing this for a long time. The companies that deal with the petrol were more than five major ones. Two in America, one was in Britain. For the  other two companies, one was in the gulf area and another one was  in Venezuela. There were also the branches for those companies scattered  all over the world. she wanted to train her niece to take care of this huge responsibility.

 Her niece was seventeen and she wanted her to understand how to manage such huge companies after her death. She was telling her about power. The girl was thinking that money was the power. Her aunt told her that money was only a mean to get you somewhere. Power is the target.  If you own the power, money can come easily. The aunt was hoping for the head of the parliament. She was elected as a member six years ago, and she was trying to get to that post since then. That is why she wanted her niece to think about power. But her niece is absolutely different from her. She thinks money is power. You can buy voters to elect you and vote for you. Or you can pay to get whatever you desire, as long as you have the ability to pay for it.

The girl came and sat beside her aunt. It is useless to discuss the matter with her. Each party is convinced with his own ideas. The aunt started to tell her niece to think about power seriously. There is something which cannot enter the little head of that girl. She thought to herself, we have more than fourteen companies all over the world. Our monthly net profit is nearly more than one seventy million dollars a month. My aunt is driving me crazy. What does she need? What is there to be put into consideration? 

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  • Agood question:but the answer is not restricted on this or that.
    I.E ,each mean has its own position according to the situation,people we deal with&the time of  the current event.

    • Alfuloos alfuloos! Kul adunya tarkud baadaha. Thanks for your nice comment on the blog post about power or money. 

    • Mashkoor ya Abdosliem! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Shookran jazeelan ya ustath Hisham! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Will it continue? The story I mean,

  • Danyavaad Sudeshna! Thanks for the nice heart on the blog. I like animals too. Thanks again. 

  • Nice question, in my perspective, power or money is not on the opposite of the other side. You can see that most people who owned money also had the corresponding power at the meantime. And the reverse was also the case, bureaucrats normally were in rich. Ignore the right or wrong. What I want to say is we should avoid the extremism but with a dialectical thought to analyse the power and money, and the most most most important is whether we use power or money to make life and society better or just satisfy the infinite human desire?

    • ni hoa Rovelee, feishang hao! I really enjoyed reading you nice and meaningful comment. You have given an absolute analysis of the whole matter. According to you, Money and power are related to one another. In that case, you are supposed to have both of them. Extremism is not good. It makes people kill and do obnoxious things.

      Thanks again for your nice and meaningful comment. 

  • Muito obrigado Rocio de los Angeles Hernandez Loyo! Thanks for pressing the like button.

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