My sincere thanks to Teacher Tara who have shared her idea about the infographic and inspired me to create this photo challenge.

Hi guys, do you interact with many friends at MyEC and know their personalities very well? Should your answer be an "yes" I would love you to take part at the challenge and tell us about them.

The Rules:
1 - Select one of your friends and describe her/him personality (You are only allowed to write five positive personalities). This link will help to describe their personalities (Positive Personality Adjectives List).

2_Create your own infographic and upload it to the MyEC photo gallery

3_Write a sentence using one of the five positive personalities of your friend.

My examples : 

A Warmhearted Lady

Tara Benwell : Lovely Teacher

Special thank you to Teacher Nadira allowing me to use her private photo.

Cheers :)


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    Photo Challenge #10 : My optimistic Friend

    I hope she back  Again , she is really princess EC , THANKS for this share in amazing challenge


    صور تحدي # 10: صديقي متفائل

  • Will you take this challenge, Selma? Thank you for your words!

  • Wow, good choices for them Nadiyah, I totally agree.

    Your jobs here are always awesome dear friend :))

  • YAY! I did it. :)

    Here is mine. My Friends' Personalities

    Thanks dear for such cool challenge. =))

  • All my friends, thanks for stopping by.  I am impatient to see your creative works!

    Yummy, check out Aop's picture. She introduced her little sister. Please feel free ...

  • @Brother DM,

    Where's yours? I'm still waiting ... hope you give me a surprise :)

  • Well, so if you don't mind I will do some cards in one post. :)


  • Hi Guys 

    We  are awaiting  to see more links  linking  to

    Photo Challenge#10 : My friend's Personality and Infographic

      Common  you can all do it, give it a try and make your friends  happy :) aa

    @Nadiyah ;)  

  • Dear Nadiyah 

    This is my link  to the challenge.

    Thank you teacher  Nadiyah  :) for your encouragement and kindness 

  • Thanks dear Nadiyah, for the colorful and nice challenge.

    Have a nice time


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