Our life is hard, but what would our ancestors say of their life?

Hello, I hear from a lot of people that our life is very tiring and boring, but our ancestors had a life that was the hardiest we can image: in fact, when they were alive, there weren't all the services that we find today: health, for example, was much more hard to care and all the babies were born at home with the help of a midwife that for the first period after the birth helped their mother to take care of each one of them. There weren't fast cars as today, but only chariots and all the animals as horses, donkeys and also oxes were used to train them. Agriculture was the main support for everyone and the pennies they earned were to be saved for the future.

In modern times, we are full of services and we can also learn or teach by computer, internet or going to school  starting from the primary school to the university, we can rest ourselves at home or lying on a beach under the sun near to the sea....

There's only a thing I don't admit: complaying about our hard life. Yes, it's true that life is hard for everyone of us, but if our ancestors would be alive what they would say of their life? Do you think that your life is better than their life or not?

Please respect the object line, if you want to reply me, thank you in advance.

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  • Hi, in my view i would like to be on our ancestor's shoes since they lived in a society where everyone was kind to one another,  money was not the first priority, people were not divided like we are facing today, the internet didn't exist before so they had face to face communication which brings love and mutual respect in their communities. Moreover, the environment was great, people were healthy, the kids played outside their home without fear, etc..

    Thanks for this interesting topic!

  • Hi Valorosa17,try to live in a far village then you will discover that your modern life is very tiring and boring.  


  • Thanks for your post. My parents always remind me how my living conditions is better than them. But at least, our ancestors live in a better environment, not too polluted.

  • Oi there, folks

       We llive in a pluted world, full of aggression and vice, it's risky to go downtown, you can be a victim of narcoman mugging , you will also get chocked by the smog in the city. If u go for a swim in the sea, you most possibly will get skin disease from the pollution in the water.....caramba...even the medicine you take can be contaminated by toxic, poisnous substance.

      Our ancestors, the fin de siecle generation lived in a more friendly environment, and our cavemen ancestors had even a more simple and less stressfull life - the point is...that all three groups got accustomed to their current environment and managed somehow to strive and find their place in the world. 

      I rest perfectly sure that the next generation, should it be forced to live in a cesspool, will also adapt its aspirations and desires to the prevailing conditions. 

  • Our ancestors had one major advantage over us. Apparently, many centuries ago, human beings were more intelligent than they are today.

  • Bien sur Valorosa! Before, life was simple. The pressure is less than today's complicated technology and cell phones. Our ancestors were lucky. Nice topic! 

  • Human never feel pleased in any condition. He always sighs for what he does not have ignoring all the bounties he has. This continues till he reaches his grave. What then no one knows.

    • Hello Mishaikh, your words are full of wisdom: surely you are a person that lives in a poor condition and I respect all people in all conditions they are. Humans don't know that only time changes everything from positive into negative or from negative into positive, but it depends from what we are doing now. As here in Italy, where I live, we say: today is yesterday's son and father of tomorrow. Let humans learn a very important lesson from their life: life is the greatest teacher we have and we can't teach it nothing. We have only to learn from our life. Good Saturday and Sunday to you.  

      • By the way, thank God,  I am not living in any kind of poor condition. 


        • I'm very happy for you Mishalikh. If you think that a lot of people are now living in a poor condition and anyone helps them but also anyone respects their human rights.... I don't admith anything of these things because the illegality of all acts that are against humans rights as life, health, instruction and so on have to be removed in each part of our mother Earth.  We have to be opposed to illegality and if the road to legality is hard for everyone of us we can be sure that it's the only possible way to follow. 

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