Hi, travelers and those who have the intention to do it. 

Summer has come and it means that the vacation time is going to its top. I decided to make a small vacation rehearsal on the past weekend and I went to Bremen. So lemme tell you about this short trip and share my photos of this city. I guess some details will be useful for those who is going there in the nearest future. 

So, let's begin our story (as usual, all photos are taken by me). 

As usual, I went to Vilnius (Lithuania) to spend one day there because my flight is from Vilnius to Bremen. I love Ryanair so I bought tickets "Vilnius-Bremen-Vilnius" in February (and I went there only in June) and the price was around 30 euros (2 ways). That's the main feature of the low cost flights - the earlier you book, the cheaper you get. Remember that. 

By the way, even it's not the first time in Lithuania, I found a secret place in Vilnius where I could drink a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the background of the city. Have a look! 

NB: not all photos are in this first post. See my other photos in the next posts here. 

The next day I went to Vilnius airport and flew to Bremen. The weather was great! It was hot and sunny! If you fly to Bremen's airport and you need to get to the city centre (Central Railway station), you need to get the tram #6 that isn't so far from the airport (around 100-200 metres). After 10 minutes, you're in the centre of Bremen. Mind that you need to pay for the public transport 2,60 euros and there's a special machine inside the tram where you put your money and get your ticket. If you don't know how to use it even with English menu, ask someone's for the help. People will surely do it! 

So, here is our Central Railway Station! 

There you will see many cafes and places where you can eat and drink and have a rest or move further around Germany. 

But I went to my hotel and there - to women's paradise (I meant shopping). There's a nice shopping centre called "Waterfront Bremen" where you will find many stores and nice shops. I spent a lot of time there and got all what I needed for my big summer vacation that is coming soon! 

(this photo is not mine) Here is this centre. 

Mind the hotels are expensive in Germany in most cases. I use for my bookings and the lowest price for hotels in Bremen is around 50-60 euros per night. I had an accident there)) even if it's written that you have WIFI in your room, it doesn't meant that it is so or it's for free :) So bee careful with this!) 

The next day I spent wandering around the city. I visited 2 parks and the Old city. And of course the main place of Bremen - the monument of Bremen musicians. Check out these photos (now they are mine))) : 

Nelson Mandela's park, Bremen 

River Weser, Bremen 

The Old city, Bremen 

The Old city, Bremen 

The Old city, Bremen 

In general, Bremen is a small city full of different nationalities and I guess it's not so save in the evenings as I saw weird drunk guys. I guess the longest period of time you can spend there is 3-4 days. It's too small and you can do sightseeing in several days. 

Save journeys. 

Best regards, HB. 

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  • Stranger in the night, lazy boy :D

  • had to scroll all comments, to see it

  •  Stranger in the night, sure there is a photo of it)

  • did you see Bremen Musicians statue in Bremen?

  • Jerry Luo, thanks for your comment. As for time, I have it in the same way as ordinary people :) The difference is that I go and do it rather than dreaming about it :D

  • Hi Bee, it seems you like travelling very much, and you have much free time to do it, I appreciate you can do what you want to do. Thanks for giving us your experience.

  • Ziv, you had the chance :D Anyway, I spent a nice week-end with a nice friend of mine :) Hope, next time you can join :D

    Thanks for your comment :) 

  • hi Alina and wb

    since I once visited Bremen, too, I think it has much more to offer than you found.

    as every place in the world there are many more opportunities than guides can show you. It is the same everywhere. For instance there is a travesty show in bremen, you would have rolled on the floor seeing it. Or there is an old sailor ship named "Seute Dern" you could have looked up. There is the old honourable coffee roastery of Jacobs Coffee and many other things. Anyway, you saw a lot within the few days you have been there and of course, typically for gals , you took a look into shopping malls. lol.

    Anyway, pity we could not meet up.:-(

  •  Ehab Nassif, thanks for your comment :) 

  • very fantastic and great, I enjoyed it very much .

    thank you for sharing and your good blogs 

    thank you Bee for your nice photos 

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