My dear friends! You have written very nice Sci-Fi stories. They are not perfect, but they deserve to be read, discussed and awarded. As usual, I will ask you to express your mind about the stories including your own and make a "like" list. All stories are corrected. Here they are.

NO 1.

When I opened my eyes, I thought “I wish I were somewhere else”, but… NO, I am still stuck here. Stuck in this white room, which is too white and full of the lights. In fact, I have no idea, what time is it, what day is today, I just remember that during my journey back to the past something was wrong, something happened. While I am trying to remember the things, somebody opened the door and said: "You have to wait longer here. We aren't allowed to let you enter your past because you have bad intentions." Oh my gosh! Can they really read my mind? Is this latest super technology so advanced? Yes, I admit, I decided to travel back in time to kill somebody there but my plan was just perfect. This Security Guard who stopped me destroyed everything. After some time they again opened the door and took me to the courtroomI am sitting in the prisoner’s dock! I have not done anything! The judge asks others to stand up and starts his speech. I am just listening to it all as if it were not about me, however NO, NOOOOOO, he came to the point and I can hear him saying:" … that's why she is sentenced to the life imprisonment." What???!!! No way! I won't let it be like this, I know I am strong, I know I can get out of here just tell me somebody how??? I have no idea, if I am stuck on half way to the past or where the hell I am, I just know the only one thing: this is not my world, this is not my life...

NO 2.

Utopia is a place where Redo resides; he is an intergalactic soldier and a pilot of a Chamber, a fighting mechanical robot/machine that augments human capacity to fight ___ Hideaze, (a squid-looking beast) that was used to lying in wait to eat people living in Utopia. They believe that there is no life on the Earth anymore. That’s why they settled in  the outer space and have created their own unique society there.

forceful encounter is  happening where Redo has to defend his home__ land from these gluttonous monsters. The war is getting intense and Redo is almost exhausted to give multiple blows and shots executed by the Chamber, one wrong movement and to Redo’s surprise_, he has been striken with a complete strong blow from Hideaze that is larger than his Robot suit, Redo fainted __...

That was close, luckily our soldier is now awaken__ from a terrible dream, as he opened his eyes and __ started looking around through the Chamber’s window…what is this? …he was so shocked to find out that there is life on…what is this planet?

…don't tell me, is this the Earth? It can’t be……all his life he was taught that there is none.

NO 3.

In the past Panacea had been a regular human but due the conpulsory course he turned into an Alien who was very devoted to his country and his love…he was in love with his cousin Jefi but had never expressed his feeling. She also felt the same to him__ but she didn’t want to be involved in any relationship because she knew she was not a regular human, she had the power to set anything to fire with her eyes continuously focusing on it. She hid her secret from everyone.

The same time, an Alien named Replica came to the Earth after losing her family on the planet of Neptune. Being deprived of its love, the Alien wanted to destroy humanity, and started to kidnap people from the Earth to _ Neptune. Replica washed their brains for humanity to kill itself and to pay for its greediness, meanness, unjustness, unfairness, and immorality. Everything happened at such fast pace that Jefi could not understand anything until she and Panacea were being abducted.

Panacea loved his country and its people, so wanted to save them at any cost. He revealed Alien’s plan and plotted the way out. Panacea offered Replica to turn him into an alien. He promised to stay on her planet forever if she released all her hostages and send them back to the Earth . Jeffi thought it wouldn’t work out as she didn’t trust women, especially Replica. But before revealing her super power, Jefi decided to convince Replica to leave them alone in the sake of love, love of the same man, Panacea. Replica stopped her intrigues, released her hostages and turned Panacea in a very cute alien instead of a stone as she had wanted before.

PS: Aliens can also feel love, the greatest feeling human can experience. It can kill us  or save humanity.

NO 4

The Sun in My Sphere

I feel like waking up. A sleepy feeling, numb arms and body, I even want to yawn. Slowly opening my eyes, I see a familiar ceiling with a few dim lamps. I recall being woken up by the same person in this place many times.___ This person is a Beast. As usual, he wrapped himself inside his desk beside me. It is an egg machine where he is assembling my body parts. I can see his hand movements and notice him not to join my legs yet.

“When was the last time I died?” I ask him with a perfect, complex voice; he has done something with my vocal cords.

“A month ago”

“That’s quite fast. I remembered being revived___ after three months or so last time. What’s going on?”

“Those damned Garudas, they are kicking me out of the guild”

“My... You must be doing bad”

“I was killing....”

“I told you it’s not suitable for your ___ age”

“I was trying to kill that Seraphim, the Fallen angel was there and I almost got him”

Did you?”


“Okay, then?”

“They came to the guild and killed everyone there as a revenge for me”

“That’s a genocide! A leisure time to Diablo”

The Beast is still working on my legs, almost done. I am imagining how mad Savi and Alex are of this foolish accident___ trying to regain my memories back. We are living in a strange dark place, why? Because there is no sun, we call it the sphere. Even though, __electricity and connection are free. It had been a regular human society until some people realized their freedom and potential. We are human, yet we are immortal with unlimited resources and technologies. We bear the power of Gods, who needs anygovernment and regulations hereEach of us can live on his own, without other’s help. Then it __ happened. The revolution,__ demolishing of the rules and laws, no more borders, we experienced ‘total freedom’, a starting point for the further  ‘chaos’.

It was a difficult time for us, the total freedom is not good at all. It was a nightmare everyone’s willing to forget. I, myself, deleted it from my long-term memory. Such things aren’t worth remembering. Almost all people did the same, that age was forgotten, it became the dark age for us.

I said we are ‘immortal’, yes. But we can die. We can revive one of us by storing his/her memories and personality in a device we call __ ‘a drive’ to restore them in a new body. Robotic body? Nope, we are at the highest level of technology, we can assemble a human body from flesh and blood, problem? Yeah, our new system was built from this.

No 5.

He Was From Other Species:

He was my roommate.  His name was Abdul Samad.  He was very intelligent as well as handsome. He had a very charming personality.  He didn’t have many friends,  We sat together in the classroom, we had our meals together and we studied together.  He was the only one who always tried to argue, raise questions in the classroom, even outside.  One day we were studying in our room.   All at once the dark cloud overcast the sky and immediately after that the rain started.  Our clothes were hanging on the rope outside, in the open.  I asked him to fetch the clothes otherwise they would get soaked.  He didn’t respond, nor got up to go out.  Then I asked a bit louder, “Abdul Samad, I asked you to bring the clothes in!” “Ok,” and he raised his hand. I saw that his hand started stretching and extending while he was still sitting in his place.  His hand became about ten feet long and gathered all the clothes. Then, the hand came back to normal leaving the clothes at my feet.  I was looking at him with my wide open eyes and then, fell down unconscious.

No 6.

The Second Life Project

The State Bureau of the Second Life Project (PLS) was founded in 2090 to help the adults who have distorted values that may result in miserable life and many social problems. In the project, participators’ memories will be cleared by a memory clearing machine. For the next few years, they will be mentally raised up by certificated parents and then attend an educational system specially designed for them to form what the officials consider_ to be healthy values. In 2100, the bureau allowed all adults who are eager to change themselves completely to join the project. They called the SLP “the perfection movement”.

Forty years have passed since then. Now The Bureau is surrounded by people against it. “The brain washing machine!” , that’s what they call it now. Being on the staff and having been  devoted to the project for over thirty years, I can’t stand that. My mind goes blank and I can do nothing but huddle__ in the corner of my office, watching my coworkers deleting digital records like cats on hot bricks. All of a sudden, my journal fell off the table and the following words stroke my eyes.

“Today as a routine, I have visited some recomposed families. I’ve been very happy to see NO.434 and NO.478 developing very well with the help of their new professional parents. They followed all the instructions. When they graduate, they will have their own names and all the shortcomings will be deleted from their records, just like they were deleted from the record of the most famous former participator, our governor. While I was thinking, I looked out of the window. I saw a perfect picture I’ve been dreaming of. Many people in our SLP uniforms walked on the street and greeted each other. They walked in the same pace and talked in the same tune, which successfully proved that they were up to standard as perfect productions we made. All of them without exception had so bright smiles that even colorful rainbow tended to fade…"

Closing the journal, I finally understood the crowd outside. 

No 7.


I am already awake looking around and feeling like moving in some dark tunnel…. It is really dark. I see nothing, but some flickering lights….schemes… wires… I am not just moving, I am flying nobody knows where… My speed is much higher than that of a fighter…what is my destination? What is going on with me?... Silence… At last, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a port, my terminal and I see the true world, my world, but from outside… I am not there, I am out, but where?  I see my wife dressing up for going out but not with me… I see my pets licking someone else….. I hear my parrot swearing at him but…I want to say a word and feel I can’t speak. She is leaving and I can hear a car taking her away… away from me… forever… as no one will agree to have a life partner who has become a part of this damn device. She is right… I am trying to get out of it, to burn it down. I am fusing it from inside with my desire and my will, but if I do it, my personality will die together with it as I am already condemned to be its part…


Morning... I am waking up and see nobody by my side. I am surprised, not to say more. If my husband is not here, there must be at least our pets! But they all have gone... I am looking for them all over the house, but no one is in! All of a sudden I see my computer is on although I am sure of having turned it off yesterday. I am coming up, clicking the mouse subconsciously and what I see!!! My gaged man connected to some wires is there trying to tear them off and to get free! His flickering body is sending me a distress signal! All our pets are caged except one female cat who is trying to help him. But she is doomed to failure as she knows nothing about the virtual reality and Stephen King’s ”The Lawnmower”. Well, my man has become a part of the information system! He was eager to be, so let it be so! I am a good wife, I agree with my man if he is right! But I need my favorite cat back! I can’t sleep without her! I am typing her name again and again asking her to return and I see her jumping onto me …..

I am opening my eyes and see my lovely cat peacefully sleeping by my side. OK, it was a bad dream… But.... there is still no one around….

Enjoy reading!

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  • My friends! I think I can already tell you the results of the sci-fi contest. I am happy to tell you, that we all as one have chosen Story 6 as the best and, without any shadow of doubt, it is. The second place is well-deserved by Story 1. As to the third place, I think that three stories deserve it. So, here is what we have:

    I. Story 6 (Jade).

    II. Story 1 (Luci).

    III. Story 7 (Tanya and Dan), Story 5 (Mishaikh) and Story 2 (Risty).

    Thank you very much for taking part and for your great stories! All the winners will get some SCI-FI fiction (I haven't decided which one, yet, Ha-ha!).

    Besides, all the winners of the two contests will get some learning books.

    Thanks eveyone! It was a great challenge and a great contest!

  • Wow! Jade really nailed it! I want a stand ovation on this! Congrats Jade, you are brilliant!

  • I haven't been receiving them since yesterday, too.

  • Luci! Ha-ha! Your idea was clear, so I am an old goat who doesn't see what he reads! We are quits now, aren't we?

    Well, I'd like to ask if you are gettting EC messages by email now. I haven't been receiving them since yesterday

  • Danny! Now it is equal as I see..I didn't get wires and you didn't get, why she was sentenced :D
    Jade, great reviews, dear!
  • Dear Jade! Thank you so much for your great analysis! As I'd like to have debates here, I will reply.

    Story 1. Yes, this story makes us think. Honestly, I didn't pay attention to the fact that she was handed down the life sentence for her INTENTIONS! Wow! It even makes this story much better! And, of course, the problem of the justice system consistency rose in the story is very actual.

    Story 4. When I read this story I had the same idea as you and, as you, I couldn't understand what they were fighting for. But when its author told me her idea was to show that even in such a highly developed society  friends are above all, I became speachless as there is even no ghost of a hint to it in the story. Anyway, the story is good and such society is also something new for me.

    Story 6. Dear! It is my understandind that the SLP was a trap since the very beginning although it seemed to be positive and attractive. First, it attracted even me. I thought "What a great idea to make all men behave like gentlemen, to make thieves respect others' property, to make murderers value human life ans so on and so on..." But it is one more utopia. One of the reasons we still exist as a species is the unity and conflict of the opposites and this reason is one of the main. Thank you for the great story! I can read it over and over!

    Story 7. You are absolutely right! The author, i.e., yours faithfully, Dan Clark, should have used at least a few computer terms! But I was not going to write a story. It was just an impromptu after reading a few first unimpressive stories. Btw, this story was written by a man (me) and a woman (my wife) who decided to react when she read mine. She always says I will end as a lawnmower, so, she expressed her mind clearly enough and made her story even humorous. As to me, I expressed my fear. Anyway, as I have already said, this problem is very actual now and I am happy you got the idea!

    Thank you once again! I hope, you will also comment the thrilling stories. Some of them are so good that I think my wife started implementing the Love recipe! Ha-ha!

  • Hi, everyone! I’m back! Glad to read seven sci-fi stories at the same time. What a sci-fi fest! As an amateur, I think the most difficult parts are how to create a new worldview and how to use the sci-fi elements properly to tell the idea about ourselves. Even if we use the concepts of aliens, the hi-tech, or supernatural phenomena, sci-fi stories are always reflections or metaphors of human society and what WE think. So focusing on the relationship between the sci-fi elements and the plots, I tried to figure out the answers to the riddles although there might be no riddle at all. Here is my opinion:

    1. I agree that it is a story about “Bad intention in, bad consequence out.” But I have to say this is really a great idea to put a question about a new justice system on the table in the form of time travel. Think over the story this way: The main character was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment, because her INTENTION of murder was detected by a MIND READING system on her way to practice a murder plan. The question that the story leaves me is, can we really punish someone if his or her intention is the only evidence, even if the technology is advanced enough to read anyone’s mind? There’s so much space for imagination. I like it very much although I hope the author can strengthen her main point.

    2. I was confused by the names used in the story at first. Compared to a sci-fi story, this one is more like a description of a sci-fi illustration. The question the author leads me to think is, as a solider of the Utopia, why the authorities told him there was no life on the Earth but in fact there is. However, many other things abstract my attention from the question, I can’t get the main point. But the description of the sci-fi elements is impressive, and the plot is dramatic.

    3. I think the connection between the sci-fi element and the plot is not firm and solid. I’d like to consider it as a love story about two women and one man. I guess the main obstacle is the fact that they were from different places and they had different backgrounds. Based on the story, I think it was not love that had the power to kill people, but the emotion of anger, despair and the desire of possession and revenge. However, the author gave us a very good topic, what if aliens have emotions. I can’t help imagining what if they don’t have all the human emotions… Maybe a book is on its way.

    4. The story is very impressive. It seems the author intended to say that total freedom leads to chaos and self-destruction. Combining the technology of memory succession with the self-destruction tendency, I really want to know whether they can break the loop of the tragedy. There is one thing I want to discuss. If there really are unlimited resources and technologies, why do they fight and what are they fighting for? I think if we trace the root of social problems, we may find most of them are based on limited resources and how to distribute them.

    5. This is a very interesting story about how the main character find another ability of his friend. I doubt if his friend is an alien. Recently a breaking news about the definite evidence of alien civilization stroke my eyes. As Dr Hawking said before, not only aliens existed, but also they were observing us. What if they have disguised themselves as humans? Do we have to identify them and how? Will the history of witch trails come up again? The author didn’t tell us his opinion, but look at the last sentence. The main character fell down unconscious, not a happy ending. That implies so much.

    6. Well, this is my story and it is only a sci-fi story ;) What I want to say is maybe the SLP is originally a good project, but you can see how it developed into a tool for authorities at last. Or maybe it was totally a trap at first. To live is to learn. Keep our eyes open and polish our brains. At least the main character gained new insights through reviewing old material. So don’t let the truth reveal itself at the last minute. That’s another point of view I intended to tell the readers.

    7. The idea of writing a story from two perspectives is excellent. If readers can’t see the big picture from him, then see what’s going on from her. The husband is absorbed into a device but the wife neglects him and only wants her cat back. The experience of reading the story is like an adventure. How can we save ourselves and others if we are all too obsessed with the electronic products? You can see that I am sitting in front of the screen and typing with my fingers dancing on the keyboard, AT THE WEEKEND! Maybe that’s why I am single. Hahaha. This is the story everyone should read before 0 and 1 conquer our emotional world. BTW, I think the only thing the author of the HE story should improve is to use TYPICAL professional hardware words to tell the readers that it is a computer.

    This is my like-wise list:

    1.No1 and No7 (I like them best and can’t determine which is better.)



  • Luci, dear! I hope, your daughter is better now! What's the problem? Did she eat something wrong?

    Don't worry, please! I can ask for you if you are busy or you can do it yourself later.

    As to that network traveller, perhaps he hadn't made himself clear enough if you didn't get the idea. But I think his idea is clear: the dark tunnel, flickering lights, wires, schemes, the port/terminal. There are enough computer terms to get what the author meant.

  • Omggg..i m so stupid :D I didn't get this journey to the virtuality :D Who the hell got it?????!!!!!! I can argue about everything, no problemo... btwww I had no time to come up with question in Jeopardy.. was happy I made this as my daughter vomited at night and had to go to emergency...
  • Dear Luci! Thank you very much for your grounded comment. But you are too exacting to Story 1! It is a very good story and it is not only my opinion. You are right, there should have been more "spices", more detailes about the supposed murder or maybe, more emotions of the main character, but the story is good. It is integral, thought-out and sends the appropriate message.

    I will add a few words about Story 4. I like its idea, too. To assemble human bodies from their parts is something new, at least for me. And I would be happy with this story if it had more expressive and understandable end (you can see, I even underlined it for the author to improve it) or if its author hadn't told me her idea was to say that in that world the friends are above all. It spoiled my impression completely as I may think whatever I like about its idea, but not that! 

    Now, about Story 7. You see, it has nothing to do with that tunnel and that light you mean. Its author is an atheist and doesn't believe in life after death.  The tunnel he means is some information tunnel in the network and the light is the monitor, the screen of his own computer in his house. But, as he became a part of the net, he already sees his real world from outside and can't influence it. As to the woman's part of the story, you are surely right. Although she had an opportunity to drag him back with her love, she dragged her lovely cat insted. It is his punishment for spending too much time before the screen.

    Luci, dear! I'd like to have debates here! Why does anyone not like to argue with me? Please, be the first!

This reply was deleted.