My Mom

My mother is a very beautiful woman. She is about 160 tall and about 50 kg weight. She has black and shiny curly hair. She also has a pointed nose and a dimple that makes her beautiful. Her eyes are brown like my eyes. My mother has light brown skin like most common women in Indonesia. Her red lips and white teeth combine to form a beautiful smile. My mom is not fat and skinny too. I think her body is pretty proportional.She is a very nice, friendly, and patient woman. My mom loves her family so much. She is the best mother in the world. She plays her role as a housewife nicely. She never forgets her responsibilities as a mother. Although she is very busy at work, she never forgets her family. My mom really loves cleanliness. She always keeps her home clean and healthy. Besides being a good mom, she is the greatest chef who ever exist. She is very smart to make a tasty food. I loved food made by her especially her fried chicken.My mom is also good with others. She is happy to help friends and neighbors who are in trouble. Because she has a very high social soul, my mom always takes pity on people who need help. My mother is so disciplined with religion. She is very diligent in worship and always reminds us to continue praying to God. There are still a lot of things that I could not say about my mother because I think my mother is a perfect. mom for myself and my family.
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  • thank you my friend Dinda, you're as beautiful as her mother is very intelligent .. I think your intelligence comes from your mother
  • I love my mother too :D and I'm so admire her :)
    From your descriptions about your mom I guess you got your beauty from your mother :) and not only from the face but on your character too is beautiful like your mother :)
  • I miss my mom, Now

  • thank you setareh and noona. yes I love my mother, I also hope that me, you and we all will eventually get a child who can love us as we love our parents.
  • Well done! What a nice daughter who describe her mother in this nice way. I hope my daughter describes me just the way you did. :D God bless your mother.
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