Meaningful Monday

Hello and welcome to Meaningful  Monday!

Today we’ll be learning how to share meaningful topics, through adding a photo we think that it’s expressive and has such importance in our life.

I’ll start this challenge by adding this picture:

Instructions :

  •  Give a short description for the photo. (less then 3 sentences).
  •  Give a meaningful title to the photo above. (don’t complex it, it could be simple and funny)

 The best title and description will be added to the photo and quoted by the name of member who has given them. 

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  • Title: Contrast Pair


    1. A married couple is generally a contrast.

    2. If husband is quite, wife is talkative

    3. Every black husband wants a fair wife. 

  • Although we don't have much participation in this challenge, I appreciate Putra's and bright-rubies answers.. and I would tell who is the winner:

    It's you Putra! Thank you so much for sweet title and description! Congratulations dear!

    I'll add them to the photo once being approved and added to the photo gallery :)

  • Sweet description and nice title dear Putra! thank you very much for being here!

  • LOL! that's really funny bright - rubbies! :D

    Well, the title is okay! But the description you've given are tags not description.. but you can use that sentence to make it as a description:

    The bride and the groom forgot their shoes or maybe they preferred to spend their wedding party barefoot on the beach ...

    Thank you so much for your participation in this challenge! :DD


  • hahahahahh this pic makes me laugh ... maybe the bride and bride groom forgot their shoes or maybe they preferred to spend their wedding party barefoot on the beach ...  

    Description: very high-class, elegant shoes

    Title: Home alone wedding shoes :DDDDDDDDDDDD


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