What do you need the very most at this moment?

A good education?

A good Job?

A carrier ?


Every individual goals are important to you, some are short terms and other's long. Yet not one of these is as important as breathing.

If you have been unable to breath for 39 seconds, you would have given up all your own in order to breath again. In other minute or so, you'd have lost consciousness . Brain death will follow in other 2 or 3 minutes. And your life will be an end.........................

Do we live our life like one day we've an end? 

We don't?

Who knows tomorrow could be your day.

Just keep in your mind and live everyday of your life like it's your last day. We don't really know that how closer we're to an end. So live your life in good, humble and peaceful way, don't rush for the things which are not really important.......

I'm not a philosopher or a big writer, you're old enough to understand the things. I don't have to tell you what life is, you all know very well. But perhaps you've forgotten.

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  • Yes you are right opti...many thanks for your comment
  • Thanks ned
  • nice blog!
  • @ Flower song
    Many thanks for your comment....i hope you enjoyed reading it
  • @ Niki
    Many thanks for reading my blog and getting my point which i tried to explain ....
  • Oh let's all take a deep breath and enjoy reading Syed's post! *.*
  • Live as if there is no tomorrows good point. People are living in hopes & they think one day they will achieve everything in their life without knowing that what is going to happen the very next moment. Sad but true..
  • Yes, it will be your turn - next week!! Show what's hidden in your brain :D hope there is one in your head :D
  • @ Luzzi,

    Exactly, we should appreciate every second we have to enjoy our life.....Many thanks for your beautiful words......

    Oh so I've to choose a topic for next challenge ?

  • Good points, brother :) well, i think u meant as for breathing that it is the most important otherwise we would just dream of the rest, we should appreciate every second we have to enjoy our life on the maximum as u said and I cant agree more! Thanx for participating!! Next time it will ne your turn to think of the task
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