independent learners

independent learners

If u want to join, u may share u bio (level, goal, style, app/connection, schedule/timezone), or post any other q here.

Members (for now) who want to share bio and find more pals for train together:
Name: Anika
Level: Beginner (CEFR A1)
Goal: Fluency with proper pronunciation and comprehension
Style: Effective and organized training (in pairs or small groups), care about retention rate.
Apps: skype, zoom, gmeet
Time: Available all days (and weekends) 16-20 GMT (with the previous agreement)
Topics: Free (Personal development, traveling, nature, science, technology and others)
Skype: live:.cid.104da4d3ab8d0944
Name: Bhom Thapa
Level: A2/B1
Goal: to develop fluency and enhance vocabs
App: Zoom/skype (Messenger for limited period)
Time: around 7:00 and around 17:00 GMT
Topic: free
Skype: bhom.thapa
name: Martin
Level: Beginner
Goal: talk fluently
Apps: Skype live:.cid.cd8521629d9865b6
time: GMT+2, every day from 18:00 to 22:00
topic: what ever
Name: Lina
Level: intermediate
Time: according to the schedule
Goal: improve speaking skill (open to correction)
Apps: Skype, zoom meet
Skype: live:.cid.f2167910e1d000e4
Name: Kenneth
Level: intermediate
Time: 12:00Mid-2:00AM PST, 8:00AM-10:00AM, 7:00PM-9:00PM
Goal: to improve my communication skils
Apps: Skype, zoom meet
Skype: live:.cid.1f095bd606e5ac34
Name: Oben
Time: Want to fix a date like every Thursday after 19:00 (UTC +3) - (1 hour)
(Can be flexible and changed according to the situation)
Goal: Language Exchange - Preferably Speaking - "Just a Minute" JAM is a good techique to improve - (Open to suggestions=)
Level: Upper Intermediate
Skype: live:iyialkan_1
Name: Naresh
Time: according to schedule ( available for all days )
Goal: Improving Speaking skills
Level: Upper beginner
Skype: youformetochat
Name: Raz
Level: intermediate
Time: according to the schedule
Goal: improve fluency
Apps: Skype
Skype: live:.cid.569dc7d53cc92489live:.cid.569dc7d53cc92489
Name: Eduardo Pleites, I'm from El Salvador
Level: I think my English is level Intermediate
I'm interested in practice speaking
Skype ID is eduardo.pleites
I'm 72 years old, I'm retired
Name: Poslek (member of myEC Skypers group)
Level: Upper beginner
Goal: Basic fluency
Style: effective and organized training (in pairs or small groups), care about retention rate
Apps: skype, zoom, gmeet (and all others like fbm, wa etc - but not prefer)
Time: available all days (and weekends) 10-21 GMT (with the previous agreement)
Topics: i prefer anything about something than nothing about everything
Skype: poslek

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  • Name:Satish



    Time:GMT +(5:30) 10:30 TO 3:00

    Style:1-1 conversation


    Skype Name:live:.cid.18280460d3fff573

  • Name: Mitsuru
    Level: intermediate
    Time: according to the schedule
    Goal: being fluent and confident
    Apps: Skype
    Skype: live:.cid.cf92ba3230820cd2

  • Name: Willy Septian Anggrayana (Willy)

    Level: Upper or advance level (B2-C1)

    Goal: correcting basic error grammar, advance fluency, speeding up, increase vocabulary use,

    style: only ON CAM, only in one person (one on one), care about retention rate

    Time: available every weekday at 11.00-18.00 GMT (if not busy) and weekend at 01.00-19.00 GMT (With the previous agreement)

    Topics: Anything, Unique, Informative, open minded,

    open discussion on

    1. Skype:

    2. MyEnglishClub


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  • Name :Usman 

    Level :Intermediate

    Goal : Basic Fluency 

    Skype : live:.cid.6e28c119cba2891

    Apps Skype 

    Time: GMT 12 to 6 pm on Sunday 


    • live:.cid.6e28c119cba2891 = error?

  • Name: Eric

    Level: Begineer to Intermediate

    Goal: Basic fluency

    Apps: skype

    Time:  according to the schedule



  • Name: Kerem
    Level: Upper beginner
    Goal:To become an advanced speaker of English
    Style:Thinking about a specific subject,Researching it,Talking about it randomly or preparedly,Discussing with each other. (in pairs or small groups)
    Skype:  live:.cid.fc2494e3ce440859
    Time: between Gmt 14.00 - 17.00 / 22.00 - 00.00  (every day)
    Topics:Philosophy,Science,The feeling of life itself,Love,Travelling around the world etc..

  • Name: Phu

    Level: Intermediate

    Goal: Improve my English

    Apps: Skype, Whatsapp


    Whatsapp: +84 705 619 568

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