I want to become a writer

Being a writer isn’t about writing perfectionism, but to write the problematic aspects of the society from my perspective.  That is a lot of inspiration to see the world from my point of view to write about.

In order to see the order of the world from one perspective in Christ, I will write everything that I see and experience from the chaos world as we are formed and work in progress to establish some kind of order in the world. For me and others that we are in progress making sense out of our chaos life to enter into some kind of order that was established by God in heaven. Don't expect perfectionism yet, but just think and reason it out first, because the world isn't in order yet.

By nature, we are in some kind of order. We might not know it yet, but we work in progress to establish that order in God.

Writer is a resource for the reader.

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  • VI, toi thik viet! I like your article and lovely ladies like you always write good things. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Ok write and become a writer. 

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