I'm a piani...a piano player.


No matter how you pronounce it, it can move and groove ya. So I was listening to some music the other day, and it inspired me to be creative all of a sudden. After doodling for hours, and turning my forks into hooks; it just hit me: What if I analyzed the s#%7 outta any maestro I know? There are just so many of 'em. I might well add to this later.  Musicologists: Step aside. Students: Throw away your textbooks.  A new era has begun.











Franz liszt : sonate pour piano - OnVaSortir! Liege

"I love all my keys equally. Say, you like Hungary?

Me too!"

-Franz Liszt






BRAHMS, Johannes - a photo on Flickriver

"I am the original 'Press Any Key'. PRESS ALL THE KEYS... it's all good. I also like Hungary.

-Johannes Brahms


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Salzburgo-Austria, 1756 ~ Viena, 1791) by Pablo  Morales de los Rios | Dibujos, Caricaturas, Música antigua

"I was a prodigy. A lecher who made a number on  'arschkriecherei' .Ya love my melodies coz they are 'catchy yet beautiful'. So...

suck on that. And one more thing; 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ' is MEIN!

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 


Frederic Chopin - | Sanatçılar, Müzisyenler, Karikatür

"Sad. Sad. Sometimes happy. But still sad."

-Frederic Chopin


42 Classical artists-musicians ideas in 2021 | classical music, caricature,  classical


"'Good evening.'

Lisa Simpson listens to me 'while reading at a sixth-grade level'. "How I loathe her. Harpsichords, harpsichords, HARPSICHORDS!"

-Johann Sebastian Bach

RACHMANINOV, Sergei | Pablo Morales de los Ríos | Flickr


"Ya like Little Red Riding Hood, eh? Well, NOT ANYMORE!" "Also, 'the blood of the innocent's soaked these keys. Listen to their screams in the chords.'"

-Sergei Rachmaninoff



BEETHOVEN, by Morales de los Ríos | Musical art, Caricature, Drawings


"Anger. Joy. Melancholy. Everybody magically turns into a conductor when they hear Symphony No. 5."

-Ludwig van Beethoven


File:Émile Waldteufel par Umberto Brunelleschi.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


-Emile Waldteufel




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  • Hum.... Not my cup of tea! 

    • Hahaha..... Actually I prefer classical based songs but pure classical.... 

    • Oh, really? Tell me more.

      You Guys Always Act Like You're Better Than Me | Know Your Meme

  • Oooh... here is when I regret not having a better knowledge of classical music :((( 

    I love the ones about Rachmaninov and Chopin, but I don't know who is the last onee! lskjdlfkjsljljalsjf!! 

    I really need a course of introduction to the culture of classical music.... Anyone? 

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    • Teehee... you. =]

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