I fell in love with photography

I fell in love with photography some months ago and as a devoted amateur, who knows nothing but wants everything, I decided to purchase a digital SLR camera to make my dream come true. It took me a lot of effort and energy to persuade my husband, that it is the best investment ever... but eventually believe it or not - I succeeded!

I bought my new love Nikon and started studying about photography. Yes, guys it wasn't as easy as I expected and I had to even understand physics – to be specific optics (something I always hated) to get to know, how it all works. Anyway, I won't bother you with some boring facts about theory and taking the pictures, I want to talk about me, amateur photographer.

The very next day after buying my camera (I remember it was Saturday and I had to cook lunch) I immediately escaped in the morning from my apartment to practise, what I have learned. Honestly, just remembering it, I have to laugh, how excited I was about it all. Of course, the reality slapped me hard! Naive me, thought that after reading some pages, I would become professional photographer with awesome pictures everybody would admire! After one hour of torturing me and the camera, I gave it up and went back home with little bit weird feeling, if it was worth buying it. However, I decided to fight and to study more and more, to look up some information on the internet, to read advice from experienced people and to take the pictures in every occasion it was possible because as we know – practise makes perfect, right? I learned, how to make a good composition of the picture, which is one of the most important things, I would say. I have seen many pictures and I think many people have no idea that for example, if the object of the photographer is a person – their knees shouldn't be cut, or if they want to take a picture of the building, it will look really weird without the roof etc. There are some mistakes people repeatedly make and it is just a question of one minute, to stop yourself, think and see, what you want to capture. In fact, photography is a lot about thinking. I was always little bit strict, when it comes to something like this but I won't ever forget a picture of my husband in Greece with the palm growing out of his head! I still don't believe I took such picture, I had to be out of my mind!

Let me add that I love taking the pictures – portraits of my kids because it is pretty challenging. Kids are still in the move and moody, so of course. if I ask them to stand and look at me, they consider me freak. Eventually, I am just jumping like idiot, calling their names or cartoon characters to look at me, making them laugh, so that I would be able to get some good picture. People, who watch me must think I should be locked in the madhouse. I also love to take the pictures of the nature because it is very creative and relaxing to me.

We all have some memories but thanks to photography and the pictures somebody took in the past, we can better recall many things and can enjoy great fun with our closest ones. I do believe it is worth it. So guys, take the pictures because we live only once and it is nice to watch some episodes of our life in the pictures.

P.S. Here are some of the pictures I took, you can critisize them in the comments bellow :-)

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  • Wow, beautiful pics and a fantastic story about your new love. Have you seen this guest post about photography? I learned some useful tips!

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  • It seems you are going to be a master in photography. Go on and thanks for sharing.

    Luci, I'm waiting for your next beautiful pictures from the depth of ocean to ultra-space  :D   

  • Afro, yes they are my kids ;) if u want a picture with blurred background, u have to adjust your aperture in the lowest size like 5,6 and the regime of camera should be in the position A :) then u just have to zoom the flower ;)

    Robbie, thanx for your supportive comment ;) I will work hard to be better and better, sir :D
  • Nice pictures. Keep up the good work, dear Luci. I also learned some interesting points about photography. I wish you luck. :D

  • With motivation and perseverance, you can attain your goals! I bet you've inspired us with your experience. I love how you injected humor to your story. Anyway, there's always something new to learn in photography. Keep it up. :)

  • Naty <3

  • Are they your kids? Nice. Luci, I want to learn how did you take that flower picture as you faded the others and just focused one?

  • JP.. thank you for your nice comment and your blessing :)
  • NY.. hohohooo :D such strong words! thank you so much but I m still just learner :)
  • You have the potential to become a professional photographer.  Great shots!

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