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  • Hi pearl


  • Shah, we are! :) I am glad to see you've back in EC!
  • May I be your friend ... :) Pearl :P I know you ... hope you know me too ..

  • Amani, everything about everyone, can you help me? :)
  • Thank you all for your nice comments, guys!!!!!
  • Wow Muskan! You have suprised me! You know what's going in ex ex members life!! Need to contact to you :)
  • High mark to Mary, for trully information about Rys and Estanis, I didn't know it really. Thank you :)
  • ah Luci, Luci, with such business you'll make me a beggar. Your book will consist of several volumes, because you know too much :D
  • Rosemary, ok, i respect your choice :)
  • Oh okay, then it's just Rys

    But who cares anyway, I make up everything :P

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