i am a nurse

i am proud that but for wellness is lower compared with other professional health workers,nurse jobs are still considered low , and only as an auxiliary physician.

I hope the policy makers to consider the welfare of nurses
because the nurses spearheading health and 24 hours with a patient who first listened to the complaints and complaints of patients and families.
with the law could bring welfare nursing developed and always the spirit of serving others.

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  • Thanks for your spirit
  • Selamat malam Imyati. Saya injin Fatima, anak saya akan bekerja sebagai perawat. Saya mau kamu teman saya juga. I hope to be one of your friends. I want my daughter to work as a nurse.

  • Yes, you have reason to be proud of being a nurse. In fact, my wife is a nurse, too. 

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