1. Click on the “start” then “All Programs”

2. Open the “Accessories” file then click on “Sound Recorder”

3. When the new window opens, connect your microphone with your computer and then click on “Start Recording”

4. After recording, click on “Stop Recording” and then save the audio file wherever you want by the name you want.

Ps. These photos taken by me through my computer. It has Windows 7 system. I don't know if these steps will work with other systems. but I think they are alike. Try it and let me know if it works.Ps. Let me know if there is any question.I wish you get the benefit from posting this blog.Skoon...
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  • My system operator is Linux, how I do, to downloaded. Is there a file to downloaded. Please help me?
  • Try Audacity..guys...I use it as a replacement for Windows' default audio recording.
  • thank u skoon

    it's useful


  • Skoon, I can't find it. Mine is XP, but I still can't find it even I tried to use the way Anele showed.
  • Monika It took me great effort

    With the help of DM and Nadiyah Finally:

    I left a voice comment for Talibah check her page and tell me what u think ;)


  • Come on,Rabab!Be brave...:))

    We are all dying to hear your voice!

  • Thanks Nadiyah for leading me here.

    Thanks skoony and anele.

    mmm now am nervous I want to record my voice for the first time :S :S

    Not sure if I got the courage.

  • Thank you anele for explaining the stelps for XP users. :)

  • It's working with XP too but in different way. I'm not sure of its way. But if you're interested, I'll look for it, Achan!
  • Perhaps sound recorder application is available for Windows 7 and Vista only. I could not find it because I still use XP.
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