House on the beach

Hello friends,

this is my latest poem so I would be glad if you read it and if you imagine yourself somehwere on the beach, near my fictive house :-)

House on the beach

Old wooden house on the beach is a witness of my various stories,

to spend the time there is like a magic, it wash away my all bad memories.

As if the sea was able to flood my soul with happiness and peace,

as if the sea was able to give me special moments I will one day miss.

When I wake up, I open the creaky door to go out, to smell salty air,

I feel as a part of this beach, meanwhile the wind is playing with my hair.

Watching the hightide gives me energy, sun just woke up, new day is here,

my feet dance slowly in the cold sand, my mind enjoys this atmosphere.

At such a moment I don´t need anybody, this place is my best friend,

I am sitting on veranda, sacrificing my wealth and wish - there is no end.


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  • wonderful  words  with the  correct  rhyme  and sense  

    Hope  to read more of your poems  Luci :)

  • Yeah you are right Masi and Areal, I didnt feel good when I was composing this poem guess you can find it there but still when i saw myself on the beach it made me feel great, I escaped from the world around me there .. thanx for the flowers, Areal :-) and for nice words too..

  • It seems you were sad when you wrote this poem.
  • Girls, thank you soooooo much! M happyyyy that u liked it :)
  • its  awesome luzzi.........really enjoyed :)

  • lovely luzi its amazing :) 

    i have loved the beach always :) 

    and this poem is just splendid :) 

    keep writing and keep sharing :) 

  • Thank you for your comments :)
    Rysz added nice verses, thank u, my neighbour :) Moha, thanx for nice comment, I didn't have time to answer, was busy with contest, it wasn't anything against u :) Anele, thanx for corrections!!! I do appreciate it and m happy I could give u all some nice feeling !! Btw hee we have no sea :( so I can only dream..
  • Sooo beautiful Luzzi, I liked, enjoyed and felt that.

    As rysperski said your poem is so sensible (tangible) and you have used beautiful and proper similes to describe that atmosphere. I'm waiting for the next.

    and a sentence for rysperski: dear rys. she wanna be alone and enjoy that heaven. She doesn't need anyone specially you (lol), her best friend is the place, thus please go and make your dacha in the other place of your imagination, not in front of her house, don't destroy her view, when she opens the door, she wanna see the sea not . . . (^__^), (rys it was just kidding)    

  • By the way, if you don't mind, here are some of my corrections:

    *** it washes away all my all bad memories.

    *** I feel as a I am part of this beach

    *** I am sitting on the veranda

    Very nice poem!

  • How I wish I could also sit beside you on the veranda and could be able to see the beauty that your eyes behold each day and feel the same enamored feeling.

    What a wonderful feeling it must be!

    I also live near the sea.  It's undeniably true that by just gazing at the sea one can feel its therapeutical effect.  The salty smell of the sea sends a familiar nostalgic feeling.

    The school where I teach is just facing the vast sea.  Every time I go there, the salty smell of the sea accompanied by the cool sea breeze always greet me with perfect rendition.  I feel close to the nature and I am thankful for this.

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