Happy Women's Day!

Dear Women!

I think, that men should cherish You everyday, not only one day a year.

That's why I blame myself because of posting this blog today.

My wishes are simple and short! :)

May this world be better for You!

If You like to walk on a road, lined by the petals of roses.

Then let there always be men, to spread those petals for You.

If You are afraid of the dark.

Then let the moonlight shine in the darkest moments and light Your way so brightly, that You would feel like You are on a podium.

Let men always respect You!

Let men always listen to You!

Let men always understand You and even Your weirdest actions!

Let men always trust You!

Let men always love You, without trying to change You. Because You are cool the way You are!

And let my wishes became a bonus cake on the top of your cake!

Like this:

And let both genders have equal rights!

Happy Women's Day!

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  • Hi Roman,

    It was really nice to read those beautiful lines you wrote, And your wishes have already become a bonus cake on the top of our cake.

    Thanks for sharing this adorable blog!

  • you are right that men should understand our wired moods :) and listen our poppycock. Well thanks for your special wishing....Its creates smile on my face...

  • Bildergebnis für thanks you very much

  • Thank you so very much Roman! Look, dear friend, we have still many problems so we need a day to express/ tell them otherwise how will you ( our males) understand if we do not say? I like your idea the way you express your mind. Yes, we are not rival, we are both human being and we are unique with some differences. Thanks a lot for your saying.....you do not like to change us....lol. Take care and be happy and successful!

  • No, Mary, I don't want to steal Your thunder. :)

    Hmmm. To possess thunder. It would be great! :P

  • Rahul Bhai,

    Actually I still use it sometimes :)

    And yes, that line was not so clear. I made it little bit clearer by adding the word "even".

    Thank you! :)

  • No, Mary, I think I am not normal! :D

  • Yeah Roman, you wanna steal our thunder :P


  • Dear Sassy Girl,

    I just meant, that sometimes, when men can't understand women, they think, that it is wrong. But it is not wrong.

  • Thank you Masha!

    (What a bad person I am. I made women praise me on their official day.)

    Have fun! :D

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