Once upon a time there(*in a village)lived a Brahmin his name was Devasharma. He was very poor.He was earning livelihood by begging.
One day he went to a forest to get sacred grass.He came across a tiger.He was frightened.then two deers came that way.They saw the frightened Brahmin.They went to the tiger and said "O tiger a poor Brahmin came here to see you and pay respect as consider tigers as their family god" but he frightened. The tiger said tell him i will do no harm to him,bring him to here.Then deers went and brought the Brahmin assuring that the tiger don't do any harm to you.They took him to tiger.The tiger gave him the gold and jewels and money.
The Brahmin went to his village and sold all his gold and jewels and made much money.He began to lead happy life.

In the same village the Brahmin's neighbor was a greedy person though he was very rich.The greedy person ascertained the Brahmin how he got gold and jewels and money.Then he went to the forest to meet the tiger to get the gold and jewels and money as Brahmin.On the way two jackals met him.They wanted to make feast of the man.They took him to the tiger promising that gave the gold and jewels and money. The jackals went to the tiger and said "O lord we have a fat person to your feast.The jackals went and brought the greedy person as soon as he approached the tiger.The tiger pounced upon him and killed.After the tiger ate as much as it wanted,the jackals ate leftover of the greedy persons flesh.

The deers are good minded so they helped Brahmin but The jackals are cruel minded so they did harm to greedy man.

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  • NICE STORY!!!!

    Just a Good Morale from the story. But i believe in today's world good man are the ones who go through the piles of trouble left with nothing in the end.

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