Good Deeds Help You One Day

There were three people in ancient times. They commenced their journey in a jungle. Suddenly, rain approached them. They took refuge in a cave in one of the mountains. A rock fell on the opening of the cave and closed it all the way. So, they said to each other. Pray to Allah by presenting your purest deeds.

One of them said: O Allah! I had aged parents. I would graze my cattle, then come home and milk them. I would bring it to my parents and they drank it. After them I made my wife and children drink it. One day I got late and they slept. I abhorred to wake them for drinking milk and disliked to feed my children and wife before them while my children were weeping bitterly near my feet. The situation remained till morning. When they woke up I fed them milk. O Allah! If I did that for your sake, take away this rock a little that we could see the sky. The same happened.

Second one said: O Allah! You know I loved one of my cousins the most a man can love a woman. She said: You cannot have me until you give me one hundred dinars. I worked hard and collected them and gave her. When I was about to make love and was sitting before her, she said: Fear Allah and do not break the seal except with the legal way of marriage. I stood up and left her. O Allah! If I did it for you and you knew that, remove this rock a little more. So, it slid a little and opening was two third.

Third one said: O Allah! You know I hired a guy on an amount of wheat. He worked and I gave him, but he did not take. I seeded those wheat and bought cows and a shepherd by its money. Later on the same guy came and said: O slave of Allah! Give me my share. I said: Go to those cows and the shepherd and take them, they are yours. He said: Are you scoffing at me? I said: No way, indeed they are yours. O Allah! If I did that for your pleasure and you were well aware of that, open it up and Allah opened it up completely. (Bukhari and Muslim narrated it)  

Moral of the story:

Never scorn a single good deed; it helps you one day as you have just read.      

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