Five Ways To Get Your Friends Back

Korean emoticon 똑똑 Knock knock1. Search about them in the places you were used to find them in.

ccle 8 Crazy Chinese Lady Emoticon
2. Send them ultimate messages until they respond to you.

ccle 15 Crazy Chinese Lady Emoticon huggin smiley emoticons Huggin Smilies 
3. When they reply, stick to them all day whatever their reactions would be.

4. Be strong and never frustrated if you don't gain a deep welcoming or your messages have not got any reply. They need time to get back to you.

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5. Lucky you! Your friends are back. Your honest desire to get them back and never giving up helps you to win.

P.S Never try this steps unless you are quite sure you have a good-tempered friends, Otherwise You will be blocked or scoffed.

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  • Hi  ke  ke ke ke   
    I woz  bit confused  to your  new  name  noty  though  it is  nice  

    reading blogs  about  your  friends  is  a good message  to  us  all to appreciate  those  who  love  us  ....     I am ofcourse  almost 2/12  years  late  in  reading  this  lovely  blog of yours    kkk   :)))

  • Notears!!

    Try to understand Anele's point. You wrote "Soso" instead of "Sono". kekeke

  • 93vj628kch7q.gif93vj628kch7q.gif93vj628kch7q.gif93vj628kch7q.gif93vj628kch7q.gif93vj628kch7q.gif Aneeeeeeeeleeee

  • @Aneeeeeeeeeleeeeee 

    kekeke He's a new member here. He commented on my blog saying these wise words kekeke 

  • Yeah, I've read that. Nice joke! kekeke

  • @Nidaaaa @Aneeellle and @Roro

    Have you read what Soso said? I'm very kind... Lucky you kekekeke 

  • @Sono

    Thanks for that.. I agree.  ^_^

  • @Y.N

    kekeke I will not ... thanks for commenting ^_^

  • @Nidaa I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee u I swear <3 

    I'm back because I'm dead without you, my friends .... T_T

  • After read your blog, i found you (Sister Notears), you're very kind for your friends...

    Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget.

    Regard: Sono (Aflatoon)

This reply was deleted.