Father's Day Writing Collection

This month I challenged our bloggers to write about their fathers in honour of Father's Day (June 15, 2014). I was pleasantly surprised that so many members decided to participate. Our members have shown me that dads are doing an amazing job around the world. This writing collection is dedicated to the dads of all MyEC members as well as the MyEC members who are dads themselves. Happy Father's Day! 

Please follow the links to read these incredible tributes, poems, and stories. Don't forget to leave comments for our brave bloggers: 

Stephen from Indonesia: My Father

Samu (Rush) from Sri Lanka: You 

Mishaikh from Pakistan: This is my Father 

Ashwini from India: My Father The Saint 

Kami from Pakistan: The Perfect Dad

Salma from Nigeria: Daddy Dearest

Noaslpls from Malaysia: Two Wonderful Fathers 

Mitran from Vietnam: My Father The Farmer 

M. Hakim from Bangladesh: A Short Biography of My Dad 

Dimi_Dimi from Indonesia: My Father, My Second World 

Helena from Armenia: A Kind and Positive Father 

Afroza from Bangladesh: A Supportive Father 

Saba from Iran: The Sun of my Life 

Luzzi from Czech Republic: My Father, Dad, Papa 

Garima from India: My First Hero

Sana Farooq from Pakistan: My Handsome Dad 

Syed from Pakistan: A Walk With My Father

Fleur from Algeria: Papa 

Robbie from the Philippines: My Father The Faithful Husband 

Rabab from Sudan: My Father The Ever-Caring 

Libor Kocian from Czech Republic: How Fatherhood Has Changed Since I was a Kid 

Bianca from Albania: Five Years Without My Father 

Mickey from China: A Poem for Daddy 

Shishok from Armenia: Sometimes We Meet in My Dreams 

Stranger in the Night: Like Father, like Son

Barbare: My Best Friend

Sumathi from India: Unravelling of a Father

Alice E: A Father's Day Story

Marie: A Struggle of Father and the Joy of Family

Note: If you want me to change the name of your tribute or poem, (or if you want it removed from this collection) please send me a private message. Also, it is not too late to participate in this challenge. The instructions are here. Leave a link in the comments after you post your blog, and I will add your post to this collection. Thanks for your participation! 

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  • Role of Father 

  • This may be said an archive of attribution to fathers.

  • Father's Day is meant to complement Mother's Day, and English club typically families spend Father's Day and Mother's Day together. Very glad to read Father's day blogs.

  • Thank you all! I am so proud of our bloggers. They put their hearts into this writing. I loved learning about so many honourable, loving fathers from around the world. 

  • Wow so much blogs. I like the idea of the dedication & putting them all in one place as a reference. 

    Thanks Tara :)

  • Tara, Although I didn't participate, but it was beautiful challenging :)  

  • It's really nice to read all those tributes. It shows how much fathers influenced our lives.

  • Can you spot the word root "tribut" in the following words?






    (tribut = pay; bestow) 

  • A massive hit - one of the most popular writing challenges!

    I really enjoyed reading all of the tributes. I wish I had such a father, and I hope I'm just such a father to my son.

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