Experience of life

Experience of life

Everyone has different kinds of experiences in their life. If it is a bad experience, you learn a good lesson from the incident, or if it is a good experience, you gain knowledge to add to your life.

All kinds of experience always make you stronger in one or the other way. Experience may teach you how mature you are and how you handle life to lead a successful path.

You want to know your capability, then face failure and fall down more than once. Then you come to know how strong and powerful you are in life. Failure, humiliation, irrespective of those things, always teach you which goal you need to set in your life and what the next move is to get there.

All the adversity is an opportunity to make you strong and you should not give up on your life. Sometimes you want to cry yourself just cry, scream yourself just scream, laugh yourself just laugh at the bottom of your heart.

No matter what, just do it. You will relax and move on. Don't listen to what others say, just follow your heart and believe in yourself. You can do anything. Diversity is an opportunity, the impossible is possible, and humiliation is a test of patience and waiting for the right moment.

If someone is mad at you, just be calm. If you feel hatred, just show it love. If you are insulted, just show humility. There is always the right moment to show who you are to the people. Just say to them, "I will be back soon."

School education is always easy to learn all the chapters, but life education is harder because you have to go through each and every situation to mould your experience into beautiful shapes.

It may be possible to have some shapes that are not good, but fine. We can make them again into good shapes because we know how to mould through experience. Allow it to happen, whatever it is, and simply go through the experience every moment of your life; only then will you be able to comprehend life.

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  •       Wow. Really your topic is a piece of art. Well done my friend. Anyway, the concept of the article goes along with one of the lamps of our life experiences which is; he who makes no mistakes makes nothing. God bless you.

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