I never expected that you ended our friendship without saying a single word if you say just bye before ended the contact the pain of loss would be bearable for me but you wouldn't bother even to say that. The feeling of  pain of loosing you can't be express in words if I try to express this feeling in words it's be like you have a good friend and he was dead and you  haven't know where his or her dead body is nor you know his grave where you go and cry.....

I have to know your opinion regarding social media friendship. answer the following questions on commant if possible

  1. Are you give importance to your social media friend as your real life friend? if not then why you spend much of your time with that one who have no importance in your life?
  2. Are you got that much sad on loosing your social media friend?
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  • Dear Gulzar Hussain.

    In my opinion it depends on a person.
    If she or he is selfish they behave like that. They don't care of their friends neither virtual nor real ones. Maybe those people don't have friends at all. Sometime they use people for a pastime. When their "friend" becomes boring they try to find another victim for having fun.
    In fact, not everyone who leaves their friends suddenly is bad and selfish. Maybe there was too important reason to go without saying Good bye. Who knows? Anyway, don't be sad please. Every end is a new beginning. Look around. You can find many other good people who can be your friends.

    My point of view is all friends are too important in our life. It doesn't matter they are online ones or your close people in reality. They make our life brighter.

  • Thank you all dears you read this blog and commend and likes, and i am really sorry that i couldn't response your comments one by one because of tough schedule of my work and freezing weather hope you forgive me for that. and i am really please to know about your opinion and thoughts regarding social media friend. Thank you so much for your time

  • Hi, Gulzar.

    If someone leaves without saying goodbye, he doesn't deserve the name friend. Sincere friends don't act that way.
    If we want to leave, is saying goodbye is simply a matter of decency. That's the point.

    Only disappearing because of death is acceptable as an unexcused absence. At least in my opinion.

    So do not cry for someone who left without leaving a note. He isn't worth your tears.

    Perhaps, we should more carefully use the word friend, and calling someone as a good friend should be an exception.

  • Excellent post and good questions, Gulzar!

  • Social  media or not  friends , rather  good  friends  are developed  by caring and a a listening  ear . Emotions  should not be taken  for granted  . one  should appreciate people  in their lives  long distance  or in real life ....

  • Hi Gulzar.

    I'd like to join Onee-Chan's comment about the place where to go and cry. Definitely...no words...

    I would really not go with the words of Andy. No matter where you treat people..treat them the way you want to be treated. It is not correct not to be serious when making friends in social media. What's the difference? Did they stop to be human beings with their feelings that can be hurt? 

    Just because of such an attitude to friendships online, many people like you, Gulzar, suffer being abandoned by somebody who you used to love as friends. 

    1. Friends in social media are the same people. They ARE real and they do feel the same. Yes. I do give them the same importance and sometimes even more. With the real one, we always have a chance to talk face to face and to solve the problem. Whereas if the virtual friend disappears...sometimes we do not have even a chance to know if he/she is still alive. This can hurt a lot.

    2. Yes. I do suffer. Depending on the friend, I can suffer a lot. 

    But this is life, and what happens - happens. Just accept it and continue living.

  • Nice to read your story. 

    For me , friends in social media are different from friends in the real world, it is easier to get friends in the social media but it is easier to lose them also for any reasons.

    So, don't be so serious making friends in social media, spare your time to make more friends in your neighborhood, campus, worship places and so on.

    Take the positive side and remember more the beautiful moments in your friendships, and Move On, because there are more people you are going to see and meet, and some good friends will stay in your heart forever.

  • Hi Gulzar, LOL

    I like your last expression. "It's like you have a good friend and he is dead and you haven't known where his or her dead body is nor have you known his grave... where you go and cry..." No comment. :D

    Well for questions...

    1. Yes.

    2. Just like losing a real friend. Losing a friend is like a tree losing their leaves. We feel losing a part of our life. But if you move on, it will grow again.

    Thank you for writing, Gulzar.

  • it is the same for me.. i still keep in touch with my EC friends.. eventhough we never meet and live far away... i still say hi every now and then.. to see how is going on.. 

  • 1. yes i give them same importance....

    2. yes, i also get hurt when they disapoear without saying bye. Recently i have faced again, so i am thinking whether it is good taking social network friends as like real friends!

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