Bury The Hatchet

New version of MYEC introduced on 18th May 2019 is a good step toward infusing enthusiasm in members for revival of MYEC as most members were lossing interest in here. The updated EC has given me a possitive message that in the new EC all the previous messages in the inbox have been removed which means personal grudges caused by confrontations via personal messages now need to remove and reconcile the differences, so as to start learning English afresh mood and with positive frame of mind. Harbouring rancour in heart can bring about many heart diseases, resultantly aggravate learning environment for all the learners. So, please Bury the hatchet and enjoy yourself by writing blogs independently and taking parts in other (positive) activities. 



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  • @Fizzy All praise be to Allah the Almighty. I am indebted to dear Josef for providing us such platform where we excercise writing and meet heterogenious people from diffefrent part of the world. 

    Now come to your comment :) 

    Being a learner in this site is a safe corner and has less stress as being teacher is not an easy task here :D. It's so kind of you to have such commpliment on my writing. I feel appreciated :D. Plz keep sharing your thoughts on my blogs. Thank a lot 

  •  with the writing like that, i dont think you are learner of english.. =)  you should change your profile 


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