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Hi all my friends :

   After join in an English club,in the discussion section ,I found someone puzzled in using "choose","select"and"pick".I also confused about the meanings of these words ,Is there anyone who can tell me the differents between these words,thank you .

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  • To have best quality sports shoes you have to either choose Reebok or NIke.
    I have selected Delhi location in the Application Form for the post of Executive Assistant.
    I have decided to pick Samsung mobile to Nokia for enjoying andorid features.

    Pick or Choose is same but Select is a bit official one
  • Oi there,

       All the three words have more or less the same meaning although there is some difference, in some cases, very significan. Let me try to explain the difference as I see it. 

      You have an orchard with different fruit trees, one day u enter the orchard and choose to pick oranges, [here ur choise is just ur whim, ur fantasy or humour, and the picking is a general action, u could also say - gather]. 

       After picking or gathering the oranges, u decided to select the bigger and more ripe to be sold as choice quality fruits. [ here ur selection is very intentional and individual]

       Selection is always choosig the best...choosing something doesn't have to be the best..You choose to stay at home...this is neither a good or bad action....

      Picking out can be removing somethin undesired.... after gathering or picking the oranges, you can pick out the rotten or worse quality ones. 

       Hmmmmm...ain't sure if I helped you or made things worse for you...I sincerely hope that the later one is not what came out of my explanation...LOL.

  • Hi Dustin ,,I can just tell you about the different between (choose and select )they have the same meaning but select is more formal .
    I wish I helped you
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