Almusahirati is the person who  wakes up people to eat sahoor. Of course, sahoor is an important meal in Ramadan. According to Hadeeth, ((have sahoor, there is barakah in it)). It means that you have sahoor, because it has a blessing in it. Almusahirati starts his duty after three or four o'clock in the morning, carrying a drum and singing, "Oh fasting sleeper, wake up and have sahoor. Oh fasting sleeper, wake up and have sahoor". Nowadays, this habit disappeared in many countries especially Arab countries like, Syria, Irag, Libya because of the conflicts there in them, and some gulf countries like Saudi Arabia.

Amusahirati is rarely seen in countries like Egypt, Sudan and some African countries. In Saudi Arabia,  we stay awake after Ishaa and Tahjud prayers. Tahjud prayers ends around two to two thirty in the morning. We come back home from the mosque and eat something and stay awake until Sahoor time. After sahoor, we do not go to sleep till dawn prayer.  Some of us play football or basket ball for one or two hours and go to sleep at nine or ten o'clock in the morning. Alumsahirati did not take any money for his work. He used to do it for the sake of God.  If anyone of the members have Almusahirati in their countries, please, let's know about how do they perform their duty. Happy ending ten days of Ramadan.

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  • Donnobad Razak vai! Thanks for reminding us of Eid. As  you said, we are doing our best to get more good deeds during these last ten days of the holy month. Thanks for your nice comment on Almusahirati.

  • Vaisei, Arif!  Main Ishaa  aur tarawih ka namaz kilyei  giya, isli, meri answer nahi jaldi aya. Sorry, I meant to say that I went to pray Ishaa and Tarawih prayers. That was why I was late answering your question. Thanks for precious time, Arif Saeed.

  • Hehe, ap kioyn naraz Arif Saeed? Main kush nahi bola. I told my friends about your good comment that owing to the new mobile phones and recent quick connections, the work of Almusahirati became less. I referred to some countries because of the conflicts as you know. To answer your question, this habit was not there at the time of Prophet Mohammed or the Caliphs. There was the first Azan before dawn to let people get ready for sahoor.  The later is the better for sahoor. I hope I have given something helpful, my dear good friend.

  • yea..these days it rarly seen many places..but people wake up and having rmdan...for marcy of god....
  • Yes you are right, Only two or three days later Muslim region celebrate The big festival Eid-ul-Fitr. Ramadan is the Price for shrift every Muslim
  • Sir Dara I knew you had no answer :D
  • De nada Lizete. Muchas gracias senorita. I hope to be one of your friends and thanks for your comment on Almusahirati. 

  • Dara :) some people enjoy making storm in a teacup. Maybe they're free from work or freeloading in these days :) I don't know why small topic is being exaggerated. You asked us to let you know if Amusahirati are still in our country or not. You blamed on wars for their disappearance. I replied they disappeared in country since the advancement of cellphone not because of wars. The spirit of fasting I gained by reading the Quran and from our elders. May I ask you a question?
    Did they exit in the time of Holy Prophet or Caliphs?
  • good information..i didnt know anything about this....thanks a lot

  • Mishaikh ke satha itifag nahi karta jo? Bahut merhbani Elf Noor. I also agree with you and him. Thanks for your valuable time commenting on that blog, Almusahirati.

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