○°• A Treasure •°○

         When I was younger at my 20s , I used to be fascinated about other people .
Knowing others for me at that time was literally a treasure . In an age with no social media apps . I used to have my own skills to start up a conversation and then move on to make a strong friendship and I was blessed and still with my friends from the English Department .

           In my humble opinion , knowing people add alot of experience to my blank head . I used to enjoy all our activities at the college campus . We have gone through a lot of wonderful things like our charity bazaars , where we used to cook and sell our foods .
No one can enjoy life by his own . We are designed to live as a complete whole rather than individuals . Actually , people can reach perfection only in one way when they cluster together to form an amazing colorful mosaic .
      One hand only slap the .......... but 2 hands can work and create . However , many hands form a great society or civilization .
I don't know when in the course of history loneliness started to be a praised merit related to be a special person .
        We are becoming more and more isolated and it is killing us . It is against our nature .
I can claim to give our age the nickname of " the mental disorder era "
We have almost everything we want but we are in our lowest rate of satisfaction and security .
We need to get back to our real roots . To stand together with all our paradoxal behaviors , talents , advantages or disadvantages and find the meaning of our real existing . We need our friends to bat our back and our foes to ignite our survival skills .

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  • WOW ! i like this Ms. Rosemary i appreciate  the way you the hit the right  spot. What is missing in this world of social media.

  • what else to say, except " i agree"

    thank you

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  • i wish i could do better in my 20s.. but the past is past.. 



  • Humans are herd animals. We can say it because it's just true. We need society and community.
    As you say, dear Rosemary, we are used to interacting with others and that is what we need for human survival.
    It seems that with the rate at which we are making technological advances, we are losing the real connections in our lives. We can see how rapidly the number of people with mental health problems is increasing. Loneliness and Isolation are results of neglected human contacts because people simply forget how to deal with one another. We are able to find everything with the help of browsers on the internet, play on consoles, master the trickiest technical challenges, but is it that the only direction we should go?
    I fear that, at the same time as our technical abilities, our human abilities to live together will be lost.
    If we follow only this way, we will increasingly be losing empathy, communication and the fun of being with other people.
    Don't understand me wrong, please, this is not the fault of technical development, but our own.
    Only we can change the situation, nobody else. This is a piece of good news.

    • 👍👍👍🌷

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  • Hey Rosemary!

    After a long hiatus I feel my capability of commenting something on the blogs have been lost .....LOL

    I completely agree with your point. 

    See you Around :))

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