10 Business Idioms Using Cats and Dogs!

Hello everyone!

        As an English Language Learner, if you want your English to sound more natural especially when dealing with native speakers,  using some of  business idioms in the correct way would certainly help.

In this blog, I’d like to concentrate on our two favourite domestic animals, the cat and dog. 

I’ve selected just ten:

1/ Let sleeping dogs lie – do not make trouble if you don’t have to.  

2/ Not enough room to swing a cat – not enough space.

3/ To be dog tired – to be exhausted.

4/ Let the cat out of the bag – to reveal a secret.

5/ Go to the dogs – not as successful as in the past.

6/ To put the cat among the pigeons – to cause trouble.

7/  A dog’s dinner or dog’s breakfast – to make a mess.

8/  To fight like cats and dogs – to argue and fight with someone.

9/ Top dog – the most important person in an organisation .

10/ More than one way to skin a cat – more than one way to do something .


Feel free to share any others that you know and have used!


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  • @ Dear Sewar,

    Thank you so much for the nice idioms you shared! Some of them are new to me adn I'm going to use them.

    Thanks for passing by.

  •      Hi, it is really nice, I have some;

    1- Cat got your tonque?  Is there a reason that you are not speaking?

    2- Dog's life.   Harsh, terribble existence without much happiness oe freedom.

    3- Fat cat.     A wealthy person.

    4- Go to the dogs.    To be ruined or destroyed.

    5- You can't teach an old dog new tricks.     People who find it difficult or impossible to change their ways or adjust to new ideas.

    6- Sick as a dog.    Very sick; suffering miserably without an ailment.

    7- Raining cats and dogs.    To rain very heavily.

    8- Play cat and mouse.     To fool or tease someone by pretending to let her or him go free and then catching her or him again.

  • Oi again Rys,

     Hmmm may be woman tend more to the cats while man have more intense relationships with dogs, it’s said that dogs are man’s best friend.

    " Tarantulas" ?? Oh! Rys isn't it harm to human?? I can't even touch it :P

    Hot dog and hot cat?? LOL ,really haven't heard about that!

    Thanks once agin Ryszard.

  • @ Noasyyyy " lil cat" :D

    Hmmm  granny cat LOL

    2386811265?profile=originalRight now I have no idiom about granny cat, when I become a granny sure I will have plenty of idioms not only about cats and dogs, but also about "frog" :-P ha ha ha

    Well, I think you can teach a granny cat some new tricks but, they won't bear them  :( 


  • Thanks so much for hitting the " like" button Hala J.M, Marik, Gabriel, Galina, Sima, Scarlett, Tawfeeq, and Teko!

  • Dear Asma

    I wonder whether you have an idiom about a "granny cat"?  LOL. I'm curios. I know.. I know .. I know...  "Curiousity kills a cat", but I can't help. I know there would be "dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation" on this matter.


    And I wonder whether it's much easier to teach a new trick to a granny cat or is it the same as "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks"? since, you have to admit, a granny cat is too "used to doing things a certain way that cannot change"


  • @ Dear Ryszard,

    I'm so grateful to you to read my blog and commented on it, Thank you so much. Seemingly you like "da dogs" more than cats :D


  • @ Dear Wayne,

    So glad you liked it! Thank you very much for reading and leaving comment.

  • @ Scarlett,

    Such a long time, dear! Thanks so much for reading my blog and sharing other idiom. I'm just curious to know the girl who dressed up like a dog's dinner LOL! Are you referring to me haha

  • @ Dear Sima,

    I'm happy that you found the blog useful. Thanks again for passing by.

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