Words On The Street #3 - Ely

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A video exploring the city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, featuring interesting vocabulary for students of English. Featuring the following words and expressions;...

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  • Well....thank you so much...that's really a great one )). Not only creative but also informative video. If to take into consideration your great language.. Taking my hat off to you )))

    • Thanks O.M. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. And thanks also for leaving a comment. Englishclub members really are so generous. 

  •  Wow. What a beautiful place! Nice video! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, it is a beautiful place. Thanks for watching!

  • Thanks a lot for your videos. I watched all of them because they are very informative.

    I wished more native Engkish speakers would do that.

    • Thanks Rose Iris for watching the video and for commenting. And thank you for watching all my other videos. I really appreciate the kind words.I'm glad you find them informative.I'll try to make a few more.

  • Wow!!  I've enjoyed taking this little sightseeing tour with you. So many interesting things to see, and on top of it I've learned what well heeled means, and got reminded what a red herring is. I had already forgotten this idiom... thanks a ton. 

    This trip contained so many interesting details. I always love seeing a play on words for shops and signs of all kind. :)) And, yeah, nowadays we have also these warnings against duck malnutrition at almost every pond... people harm waterfowls this way. I know... they mean it good... but... :-/ 

    I would have loved to hear those bells... Some bells have such an extraordinary beautiful tone, even if you're not religious (like me) it can be mesmerizing. 

    Ely is a nice little town, and the cathedral is an outstanding example for Norman, Romanesque and Gothic architecture in one place. You didn't just teach us some vocabs... you advertised a trip to Ely. I appreciate your work a lot. :))) 

    Greetings! :) 

    • Thanks NotAClue. I'm glad you found 'well heeled' a useful expression. I thought that would be new for a lot of people. And it's great that you enjoyed the travelvlog too. Ely is certainly a nice little town. Thanks for the encouraging words. You've given me an excuse to visit some more towns.

  • Welcome Alan, some people do not like that. They think that the subject should be related to them or rather, they need permission to do so. I wonder you agreed at once. By the way, in your nice video, you reminded me of those cool awesome actors. As a matter of fact, you reminded me of Sean Connery wearing his glasses in most of his James bond series. If you remember, Thunderball with Adolfo Celli. Thanks again. 

    • Thanks Dara, as a Scotsman there is no greater compliment than being compared to Sean Connery. And I've decided I will wear my sunglasses more often. In the west of Scotland, where I'm from, it's always cloudy, so you don't need them. At the moment I'm in England and the sun shines more often. It's time to rid myself of this sunglasses prejudice.

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