Welcome to Prague! (Czech Republic)

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This projecrt shows our capital city Prague with its beauties meanwhile people are dancing and in the background you can hear well known edited composition by our famous composer Bedrich Smetana.

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  • Sandra,

    yeahhh you must visit beer spaaa :-) btw you made me laugh with that one indian idea :-D no no we are not dancing and singing like this on the streets, it was just project which showed historical buildings etc. of Prague... m glad you liked it ;-)

  • @ Luci

    Video mod can approve videos that contain music such as the one above. As long as there's nothing any other language in a music video, then there's no problem approving it. I'm glad you asked! :)

  • Robie,

    not a big deal :D just practise and practise! Btw you can draw it is enough, ppl shouldn't be so multi-talented. Anyway, I have a question, hope you don't mind. I was so excited about this video that I didn't realize there is no English in it, I just found it nice to share it with people all around the world... so now I am kinda shocked that it was approved :-D You can delete it, I won't be angry, if it is against the rules... thanx for your answer in advance :-)

  • democrasy in ec:(

  • I wish I could dance like them. :) Is that you dear Luci, the one looking so pretty while making a signature dance move. :P

This reply was deleted.
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