We all have a silly annoying friend like this...

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Sometimes you just want to relax on a log... but an annoying friend comes to ruin it all! :P

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  • Olga, thanks for sharing laughs :D

  • And Tam comments them xD

  • It's a metaphor. You say jokes and Roman spoils them. :D

  • Yeah Robbie, that's right too. 
    Nice to know this video 'made your day'!

    Tam, how dare you!? I'm not any turtle! ¬¬ 
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing some laughs! ;)

    Roman, yeah, you're pretty much like Sam XD 


    What a funny video! They are amazing! Just look at their tiny paws and cute faces!

    That John reminds me somebody! Somebody with judging eyes!

    And I like Sam! He is so energetic and curious! If I were a turtle, I would definitely be like Sam!

    Thank you, Mary! 

  • Hahaha. It's funny. If the left turtle is you, I think of who the right turtle is in the members of EC. :D

  • This made my day, Mary! I love the wittiness of the tortoises. I agree, friends' silliness could be annoying, but at the end of the day they can bring good memories that we cab cherish. 

    Have a lovely weekend!

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