Walk With Me Through The Frozen Lake

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This video is my participation in "Me and MARY's video-challenge 'Walk With Me'"https://www.myenglishclub.com/video/video-challenge-walk-with-meI made some mistakes while speaking.And the saddest thing in this story is, that I understand, how to say correct, right after making mistake. Like, when I forgot to use an article or when I have said "It divides one lake to two" instead of "It divides one lake into two parts"Thank you for watching!

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  • No, Onee, I didn't, but only because I didn't even think about it. The ice is very thick and sturdy.

    Next time I will try to do that, but maybe near the shore. :)

  • Do you dare to jump up and down on the frozen lake, Roman? ))))))))

  • Thank you Ella! :)

  • Hi Grace!

    Oh, then you have to visit some European countries in Winter, to get this experience :)

    Yes, here is a link to one of my pictures of that lake:


    But to be honest, not so beautiful, because lake is not clear enough to swim in it.

    Thank you! :)

  • The lake appears to double as an interesting recreation ground in winter! I enjoyed walking with your camera to experience such snow activities that we wouldn't have in subtropical zone. Thanks Roman!  It would be a beautiful lake in summer, I guess. :)

  • Thank you Ryu!

    It is my pleasure to share it with everyone!

    And also I want to encourage people to participate in this challenge.

  • Hey Masha!

    :/ You are right! My arms almost got frozen because of recording this video.

    Ok, I will stop now.

    And it is not so interesting at all. I mean, when you walk on the surface of water of frozen lake, it is the same, like if you walk on the ground. So, I didn't even want to do that again. :P

  • Hi Robbie!

    Thank you! :)

    You are right, but it is still a little bit disappointing for me, because right after making mistake I think "Why did I say like that? I knew how to say correct!" :)

    Thank you very much!

  • Oh how cool!! and cold! I can 'feel' the cold just hearing you talkin' :)

    Thanks for sharing another Roman's Production, but plz... stop walkin' over the waters of frozen lakes as if you were the Siberian Jesus :(

  • Hi, Roman!

    It's fine! Who cares if we keep making mistakes while practicing English. Don't be harsh on yourself, even native speakers make mistakes without knowing it. You're doing well if you ask me. You have improved a lot if I were to compare this video from the old ones.

    Keep practicing. What matters is that we learn from our mistakes and have realistic goals towards learning English.

    Thank you for inspiring MyEC learners by sharing your stories through video blogging!



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