Vysokyj Zamok II (Summer)

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This is another one of my participation in me and Mary's video challenge "Walk With Me" This is a link to that challenge: https://my.englishclub.com/video/video-challenge-walk-with-meIn this video I have climbed the main sightseeing hill of Lviv "The High Castle"This time it took much more time than in Winter, because I walked slowly and spent more time on the top of the hill.And I didn't want to shorten it by cutting or increasing the video's speed. Even 2x increasing video's speed makes my video unpleasant and disgusting to watch.Enjoy watching and please participate if you feel like doing it.Cheers!

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  • Mary,

    Okaaaay, I am sorry, I know, it is too loooooooOOOOOO000000000

    OOOOOOOng video.

    Just scroll it to 12:00 and look at the view from the top of the hill.

  • Woah! 24 minutes looking at you walkin'... can't wait to watch it :/

  • Nope, Salma Ibrahim,

    It was pretty warm and comfortable that day. Look at my picture. I was wearing a T-shirt, shorts and sandals.

    And I am afraid of heights too, but this hill is not so scary.

  • Well done Roman!  It must be freezing out there! I could never do that coz I'm scared of heights. 

  • Yes, Robbie!

    For me, my mom is the best mom in a world! :)

    Yes, you are right we should care more about our parents.

    And I always try to show strangers the right way to the train station or whatever it is, if they ask me. Even if it is 2 am.

    Take care!

  • Hi again, Roman!

    I'm glad your mom is supportive about your video recording activities. You're quite lucky because she seems a kind and loving parent. Please do take care of her because we only have one mother. :)

    And by the way, I'm pleased to hear that Ukrainians are generally friendly. You are right, people are more friendly in villages than in cities because I also observed and experienced it. And yes, you answered what I meant by talking to strangers. I think it's fine to respond with short reply but not to a point of having long conversation unless you're in a dating club he he. I also meant random acts of kindness, where we assist someone who can't cross the street such as old people.



  • Yes, Fizzy, it is quite a walk :)

  • That is sure a long walk .. 

  • Rosemary,

    Thank you!

    These are exactly the words, I have expected to hear from everyone! :)

    Take care!

  • Yes, Robbie, I was thinking about it, but then it would be even longer :)

    Well, I don't get, what you mean by "talk to strangers".

    If you mean to ask for help or to ask exact time or to make some remarks/comments, for example "Hey, your shoelace has got untied, be careful.", then yes.

    But if you mean to start talking about something, then I guess no. In villages it is more common than in cities. Although I am sure, nothing bad will happen if I start to talk to a stranger on a street. And in general, Ukrainians are very kind and friendly. Especially here in Lviv.

    Yes, and I am glad that those marks are the only one kind of vandalism at that place, or I haven't spotted the worse vandalism acts yet.

    My mom says "Cool! Good job! I have to visit it one day too!" :D

    Thank you, Robbie!

    Have an extraordinarily interesting weekend!

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