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Watch this video with subtitles on YouTube.I recently reviewed my Hopes and Dreams for MyEC in 2011, and am so pleased that most of them came true this year! I see many of you adding your voices, making new and long-lasting friends, sharing links and resources, and respecting copyright rules! It just goes to show that it is important to write down your goals. One area we still need to work on is the Video Gallery. My dream for 2012 is for the MyEC Video Gallery to become a more useful place for English learners and teachers.Before you upload a video to the MyEC video gallery please review this list:1) Is the video in English? (If no, please don't upload it to MyEC.)2) Did I make the video myself, or did it mean something to me? (These are the best ones!)3) Does the video have subtitles? (Very useful.)4) Did I provide a discussion question or activity for English learners? (Please write something that will encourage English learners to leave a comment.)5) Could I turn this video into a challenge for English learners?6) Am I trying to convert someone to my religion? (Please save these videos for a different community.We respect all religions.)What tips do you have for improving the MyEC Video gallery? Please leave a comment. Also, please check out this post on Embed Plus and consider using this tool in the new year.Check out all of the entries from our Learning English Video contest.Vocabulary question: What am I wearing on my head? What is this called in Canada?

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  • Dear Tara,

    It's great and hope all the wishes for MyEC comes true !

    After going through video gallery of MyEC, it seems moderation need in each video, like photo gallery.

    Thank you!

  • Awesome, Halima!  

    I'm no EC geek, I'm not exactly sure how to help but I'll do whatever EC decides regarding the video gallery.  

  • Dear Halima,

    I'm starting to get what you mean, but I'm still not sure if there is any way we can do that. We don't have a lot of control over the programming of this social network. We might be able to work on the text and tagging. Can you think of a tagging system that would help members know when a video is an original rather than a shared video (some shared videos are excellent for learning English, but many are not)?

  • Thanks for your ideas, Ohnie! I'll talk this over with Josef. I don't think we can have two galleries, but maybe some kind of tagging system. Keep sharing your ideas!

  • Brilliant ideas, Ohnie. Congrats! Before I was so wonder why the video gallery isn't moderated as MyEC photo gallery. thankfully Tara read my mind :) Good luck, Ohnie!

    Thank you so much Tara, you have the dedication in guiding and provide the best sources of English materials. Congrats! you always do the best!

  • Moderating each video seems like the best way to go.  That will help clean up the video gallery.  Halima also made couple of suggestions:

    • To divide the gallery into 2 parts, the first for the embedded videos from the net, such youtube or any other service, and the other part for the own created videos.. like that you can limit the videos out of English contest in one part,
    • To make weekly challenges for the own created videos, in order to support members for that, after a time, MyEC will have much original work and that would be great!

    What do you think? Is the first one possible?


  • Hi again Expector. Winter has not arrived yet! It is raining and 12 degrees today. Usually it is very cool and windy by now. I'm not complaining! We have had a few cool days, but we may not have a white Christmas this year. 

    The difference between a cap and a hat is slight. A cap often refers to a baseball cap or a cap that an elderly man or woman might wear (traditional). But, a hat can also refer to anything you wear on your head. A hat can be a toque or a cap. A cap can't be a toque. 

  • Thanks, Ohnie! I am so happy that you agree. I think the MyEC Video Gallery has so much potential. The photo gallery was once a lot like the video gallery. It contained a lot of images that had no titles. It also had a lot of plagiarized content. Then we started moderating all photos. Suddenly, the photo gallery became a treasure trove of English. (There are still so many things we could do to make it better, but we have come a long way thanks to Nadiyah!) I wonder if the video gallery would be better if each video required moderation (as we have it in the photo gallery). What is your opinion on this? 

  • Thanks for the quick response, Tara! And thanks again for reminding me of my memorable stay in Canada. It feels so good when you're missing somewhere or something or someone so badly.

    Oh, is winter around the corner or has already come in Canada?  Are you ready for it? I still remember the heavy snow on my way to the hospital in Montreal. I miss the snow and the chilly morning there. I don't really like winter, though.  I'm living in a city where the climate is similar to yours - winter can be as long as half a year here. We're already in winter now - it's so cold this morning after yesterday's heavy snow. But I'm not sure if winter is the season for missing or remembering things!

    I don't like to wear a cap/hat - my hair looks so messy after wearing a cap and I've got thick hair.  I have to wear something on my head when I'm performing surgery in the OR. What do you call the thing a surgeon wears on their head while being in the OR? By the way, what's the difference between "cap" and "hat"?

  • Good points, Tara.  I do have a concern on some of the videos people are posting.  No offense to anyone, but probably more than half of all the videos uploaded here are all about ISLAM and MTVs.  I don't have a problem with other people's religion, but I hope everyone comes to realize that we are teaching English here not religion.  And music videos are good, it's a fun way to learn English but I hope people will add the lyrics either on the video itself or on the description so those who watch them will be able to follow the song.

    I always get excited when somebody would upload an original work.  Excited to the point that I wanna feature all of them since it's very rare to see videos made by the members themselves.

    Thank you for doing this video, Tara.  This is what everyone here needs.

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