Video Challenge#1:the story of my name

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  • Nice name you have! ^^ Salute.
  • if something 's interesting,peole will apreciate it

  • @Nguyen thi lan anh

    @Farid Ahamed

    @Prasanna Maduranga Chandrasiri

    @Amjad Ali



    Reading all your precious comments , really appreciating , thank you dear freinds.


  • @Grace



    @Marcelo Mendes


    Thank you all for your precious comments 

  • Nice video Nadira. Thanks for sharing. Of caurse u r precious and unique. You are with a great value to all of us here. Thanks for being a good friend and teacher.
  • This is nice Nadira : )
  • Hello Nadira,

                 It is my pleasure to watch  your video.As you are a native speaker, your accent is excellent.No doubt that you are precious for all My EC members and your love,care,affection and guidance for them is of rare nature!!!!

    Amjad  Ali

  • It 's great to your video@
  • Nadira ^^ You sounds like you are speaking to a child, you speak word by word slowly but it helps us to listen ;) And I agree, that it will gives those who are having Nadira as their name will feel precious :)
  • Nice video and agree with Salim.


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