Video Challenge#1:the story of my name

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  • @Nida @Nebia @Nafis @Nazie

    You made me so happy reading all your wonderful comments on The Story behind my name .

    Thank you and love you all


  • very nice dear , your slow pronunciation understand clear. please keep it for new learners
  • What a pleasure to hear your voice sister ,,thanks for sharing ,,it is great

  • Precious Nadira, thanks for your video!

    I loved it!!! =)


  • Thank you for sharing Nadira! You are precious and rare! That is very lovely! I hope to see more video from you since I like the way you speak. Thank you again!
  • Hello Nadira,

    I would have loved to see your video, unfortunately, i can not open it.

  • Wow! Dear Nadira, great to see you here! What a lovely name you have! Thank you!  
  • Hi Precious! ^_^
  • Lovely!!!!

    Nice to see you on the video, I am happy !!!

    Yes in Arabic your name means rare.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us and a very nice name too.

  • Fantastic dear Nadira. You were awesome.


    You sound just like native speakers. Your accent and pronunciation is WOW. And who told you that you aren't precious? Ask from anybody here and they'll told you how precious you are.


    Thank you so much for sharing with us the story of your name. I really enjoyed the video and I wondered that how wonderful  it would be if I were your student. I simply admire you.

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