Video Challenge: The story of my name(part 1)

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Hello guys this is the story of my name, Michelle has encouraged me to take a part of this challenge and i am sorry for my english , i was laughting about my cruel speaking , but this is a challenge to take away our fear of speaking

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  • Hey dreamer you will be rich !!

    Just choose the right wife she will care of you as I do with my M

    he is just screaaaaaaaaaaaming!


    Waiting too...

  • Wow ... you push me, dreamer ... I will consider your adjuration ;)



  • Bravo Dreamy ......just  wonderful !
  • To be continued wait for the second part ....
  • Notears : I think you missed some tears !! U will paye me that 5 min i lost it by clicking on ur link soon :p
    skoony : i am not talkactive as u girls :p

    Dear Tara :i will answer you by making new video....Dreams to be continued ;)

    Anele: its my Id in EC not my real name , i am waiting for you taking a part in this challenge ;)

    Nadyah : that my secret shtttttttttttttt dont tell anybody :p i am waiting ur story of ur name ;)

    Lynne : what song you want me sing for you?? i will be right here waiting for you by richard max ??do you like it??:D

    Ida : dont start your poondi plz :S be quiet

    Tati nebia : that just the beguinning wait to be continued , need to have some confidence to speak , you know its not easy when u are not native speaker and shy person :p

    oh dear sister thnks so much for that appreciation of my real name , i  love it too and i thks my parent for chosing me this real cuty rarely name , yeah sure i will give him money as present , if i  still have money after getting married , you know wife and how she took all our money :(


  • Hi brother!

    Cute video but too brief no?

    I like your real name and if God gives me a third son and not a daughter he will be named like you.

    Just put some money for his present dear???!


  • What a very nice name Dreamer Man... from a very nice voice. You just made everyone here dream... ^_^ .... I am still waiting for my request Dreamer man... a song from you. :)

    Dreamer Man your comment to Notears is really funny. I was dreaming  here that you might see all the images Notears has been adding on her replies so, I have to agree with what you said  it's really scary. ^_^  your being a dreamer is contagious!!! hahahahahaha.... :)))


    Take care my friend.

    Good day!


  • Wow it's surprising me that you have many dreams ..!

    please tell me about your dream girl, dreamer ;)


    thanks to Michelle have pushed you to join Joyce's challenge ...



  • Which half of your dreams have come true Dreamer? Which ones are you still working on? Tell us more! I really enjoyed listening to your giggle. You seem like a very happy human! It's fun knowing you via MyEC. Thanks for taking Joyce's challenge! You are brave.
  • Nice one but you didn't say anything ! you were just laughing ! :D
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