My Favorite Hobby - Drawing

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That is my baby girl! I drew her when she slept! Isn't she cute? :DDrawing and painting is my favorite hobby.. And I still drawing, but not like before! :(This video is a response to Robbie's challenge video about hobbies :)

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  • awesome

  • Both of your works are amazing..

  • well done dear!

    your kid is so cute ! :)

  • lovely :)

  • You really have a great talent. :)

  • o my god u r great painter

  • nice drowings nd cute baby!!

  • Wow!!!  Beautiful drawings.  I'm amazed!

  • Amazing video and drawings, Camelia. You are so talented. I wish more of our members would share their talents like you do. I'm so happy that you found MyEC. 

  • You have the gift of art, dear Camelia! Through drawing and painting we can express our emotions and unleash our creativity. Your baby would be proud to see your artworks. Thank you for joining the video challenge and for sharing your hobbies! What a great job! : )

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