Vancouver Canada

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Home sweet home. This is a great city for those who want to travel and study English abroad. If only its beauty and mild temperatures didn't come with such a big price tag. The cost of living is far too high.

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  • Yeah, it seems some websites like YouTube are banned here or something wrong with the connection.

    Umm, maybe I can pick up soem French in Montreal - what a bonus! But I'm not so sure I'm really good at learning a foreign language. Maybe I'm totally hopeless at it. French might be as tricky a language as English. I'd better focus on improving my English. I can't wait to set off for Canada!
  • I'm sorry you can't see YouTube stuff. It's a fantastic video. Montreal is a great place to study ...French! :) And yes, there are many Asian immigrants in Vancouver. In fact, Canadians seem to be a minority in certain parts of the city. Great advice about Beijing! Some parts of Canada have different accents, but it is most noticeable on the east coast.
  • I can't see the video, though.
  • I heard of there are many Asian immigrants in Vancouver. And, it may be the most popular destination for the Chinese students who want to study in Canada. Does people there speak English better than any other place in Canada? I know if you want to study Mandarine (standard Chinese), you should go to Beijing or the northeastern area of China. The more northern the better. There are many dialects in Shanghai and most other cities of southern China - the idalect is hard to understand.
  • How about Montreal? Is it a good place to study English? 
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