Travel, Trip and Journey: Learn English with Simple English videos

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The words travel, trip and journey have similar meanings, which can be confusing. In this ESL/EFL video you'll learn their different meanings along with the ...

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  • that's very useful expression of travelling to somewhere else. Especially, the word "trip" has both meaning of a verb and a noun. Examples, We are going to trip to California and Have a nice trip. 

  • Thank you very much for your information about the expression, teacher Vicki. :)
  • Oh well done Onee-chan. No corrections needed for the use of the words travel, trip and journey. The only correction I would like to make is to the expression 'the tourism place'. We have a special expression for that - tourist spot.

  • I and my friend were travelling to the tourism place in Lamongan, Indonesia, by motorbike. The journey took almost 3 hours. We really enjoyed the trip.

    Teacher Vicki, please correct my sentence. Can I say travel to 'a certain place' instead of the city? Thank you for your great video, as always. :)

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