The Rules of the Childhood: The Pond

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I was walking inside forest and noticed the pond. I recalled how interesting it was, to throw the things inside pond, when I was a kid.This is a link to this video in Youtube:

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  • Mary,

    What a good piece of news! 

    It seems, I am more valuable than Bigfoot! :D

  • I wasn't there. The guys of The National Geographic were right behind you. It seems they were trying to film the Bigfoot, but they found you instead... 

  • Mary,

    Why haven't you told me, that you were there. And now it is clear, who brought me (uncounscious) back home.

    And it seems, that you know how to give first aid! :D

  • And this is what actually happened when the clumsy Roman threw the big branch


  • Rose Iris Will,

    Thank you for sharing the story from your childhood! :)

    Yes, those memories are precious! 

    That's why I recorded this video! To remind to myself and to everyone about happy moments of our lives.

  • Hahaha, Roman, thanks for the video. It reminds me of a day of my childhood.
    I was a little 7-year-old little girl and lived in a small town,
    surrounded by fields and forests.
    I was a wild adventured little girl like a boy.
    Once, I was playing with my older sister and some of my cousins in the forest. As always, we wanted to catch frogs and salamanders in a pond there.
    I have to say, at that time I could not swim yet.
    It happened what had to happen.
    I did not pay attention and fell into the pond.
    Fortunately, I came out of the pond, with the help of my cousins and my sister.
    But...guess, how I looked!
    All over full of duckweed. And I stank disgustingly!!!! LOL.

  • Svitlana,

    Thank you!!!! :)

    I believe, you can do that! 

    I hope I will record many new videos like this.

    Yes, you are right. Nature is really amazing!

  • NotAClue,

    I would like to see that video! :D But you know, that pond is so small that it will disappear in 1-2 days. Maybe it is already disappeared.

    So, better luck next time! :D

  • Hi Robbie!

    Fortunately there are no crocs in our forest :D

    And I used to take those mudbaths too :P Yes, it was fun! :D

    Thank you!

  • Nice video, Roma! 
    It has been with your English speaking. Great! I could never do it on camera.
    Bravo! Good job!
    Keep recording your video! I hope next time It will be longer. :) 
    By the way the nature is amazing there. It is nice to walk around. 

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